Whitestone is an Independent School that was first established in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1942. Located on 28 hectares of attractive granite kopje countryside in the southern suburb of Burnside, the school site is rich in a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna and offers endless opportunity for exploration and study. A blend of rocky outcrop and mixed woodlands together with well appointed sports fields makes it a playground paradise for children.

We are truly proud of the enviable standards of education we have established over the many years of our existence. As you browse through this site, we are sure that you will become convinced that Whitestone will be your primary school of choice in Zimbabwe.

The History

The school opened in1942 on land acquired by its founder Mr. M.G.Fleming. It was run as an Anglican Diocesan preparatory  school for   boys under the ownership of Ruzawi Schools Ltd., who bought it from Mr. Fleming, and operated successfully for many years. A sudden decline in enrolment, due mainly to the withdrawal of large numbers of Zambian pupils, brought about the closure of the school in 1975. In 1978 all movable property was auctioned and the buildings remained empty for partial occupation by pupils and staff of Cyrene Mission during the civil war years.

In 1981 the Whitestone School Trust was founded and the school was purchased from Ruzawi Schools Ltd. It was re-opened in September 1982 as a mixed boys’ and girls’ school catering for both day pupils and boarders from Grades 1 to 7.

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School Objectives

At Whitestone we believe it important not only to teach the children virtues such as honesty, humility, self-discipline, concern for others and good manners, but also to encourage each individual to discover and develop their unique qualities and talents. We do not force children to conform to a stereotyped mould. The teachers are therefore concerned not only with the academic progress of our pupils but also with their general welfare, happiness and spiritual, social and physical growth. Our teachers are available to talk to children or parents on any matter of concern. A firm and fair system of discipline is part of the Whitestone philosophy and it is considered as a shared responsibility between home and school.

There is a resident school chaplain who has a particular responsibility for pastoral care. He is very willing to talk in complete confidence with parents who would like to see him about any problems their children may be experiencing, and offer help in any way he can.