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Whitestone is an Independent School that was first established in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1942.  We are truly proud of the enviable standards of education we have established over the many years of our existence. As you browse through this site, we are sure that you will become convinced that Whitestone will be your primary school of choice in Zimbabwe. 





To our Alumni, this will be a reminder of some of  the best days of your life. Whatever else might change, the kopjes you clambered  over cannot be  moved, Big Rock is still there and the clatter of cutlery in the dining hall echoes through the school at meal times. We have produced a few more Rhodes scholars,  professional men and women of every description and international sportsmen. The  school remains strong and dynamic. Please keep in touch. We value your contact and are always interested to know what you are doing, no matter where you have settled in the world. We want to know who has married whom and what future Whitestone sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters may be on the way




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Letter from Lexi Little, an old girl

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