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Merit Awards for the week ending 1st June 2018

Grade 3K
Senamile Mphoko for trying very hard in maths.
Sasha Nyamhunga for making a better effort with his joining handwriting.
Jack Love and Rachel Hlabangana for accurate work with division sums.

Grade 3T
Bahle Nyathi for putting an extra effort into her joining handwriting.
Junior Ncube for active participation in class discussions this week.

Grade 4F
Shumirai Zvenyika and Jesse Crawford for being more focused and producing quality work.
Ellie Rheam for working more neatly.

Grade 4G
Regina Zibowa for showing great improvement in mathematics.
Bryne Dube for commitment in all subjects of the curriculum.

Grade 5M
Ciara Condon and Mwaita Mukudu for outstanding work all week.
Krish Bhavan for effort in handwriting.

Grade 5DB
Amaan Kara, Savanna Smith and Athina Ktistakis for persevering with difficult fraction works.

Grade 5J
Carlos Kee-Tui for effort with homework.
Khloe Damson for beautiful presentation.

Grade 6R
The whole class for their awesome effort in their Volcano Projects.
Raya Noach for good spelling results.
Arron-Michael Waugh for great effort in class this week.

Grade 6DC
Tanya Chakanyuka for neat handwriting.
Liam Smith for a positive attitude to homework this week.
Tyla Love and Safiyyah Lunat for confidence in tackling percentages.

Grade 7 English – Mrs Rundle
Ngoni Tembo (Gr 7M) for always being pleasant and helpful AND producing good work.
Aaliyah Kara (Gr 7NJ) for always working quietly and diligently.
Ethan Schultz (Gr 7NE) for consistently working hard.
Londani Nkiwane (Gr 7NE) for settling down and giving of her best this term.

Sizalokuhle Mpofu (Gr 7NJ) for reciting a poem correctly.
Ruvimbo Chizhande (Gr 6R), Senamile Mphoko (Gr 3K), Tiya Desai and Aaminah Gabi (Gr 5M) for improved reading this week.

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