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Merit Awards for the week ending 2 February 2018

Grade 3K
Jack Love, Huzaifa Karbanee, Caitlin Roselt and Nandipa Hlatini for always trying their best.
The whole class for lovely effort with joining writing!

Grade 3S
Courage Chivanga for settling down and working well this week.
Nkateko Chauke-Lazaro for being helpful to others.
Timude Dzwairo for good manners and working quietly.
Logan Osborne for working faster.

Grade 3T
Ian Knight, Luke Middleton and Max Rosenfels for putting more effort into their work this week.
Sibongile Mlalazi and Naledi Museba for better presentation of work.
Viwe Mkwananzi for being the Mental Star this week.

Grade 4F
Luke Rosenfels for being so helpful.
Mangomuhle Ngwenya for excellent maths and neat work.

Grade 4G
Damien Style, Jayden Weale and Michaela Drummond for very good contributions in Science lessons.

Grade 4VW
Danielle Mwapaura for getting 20/20 for her spelling test.
Princess Chida, Byrone Sithole, Wezi Phiri, Samuel Matabeya, John-Ross Jacobsz and Taropafadzwa Chirochierwa for moving to the next colour in 3 minute maths.

Grade 5M
Mario Gomes and Nicholas Roukounis for fantastic maths all week.
Grace Murendo and Tiya Desai for consistent hard work and diligence.

Grade 5DB
Noma Nkala and Daniel Oxden-Willows for consistently being helpful.
Liam Nel and Savanna Smith for extra effort with maths.

Grade 5J
Trymore Chemhere, Carlos Kee-Tui, Chad Oxden-Willows and Zoe Whaley for always doing their best at P.E.

Grade 6R
Zane Sibanda for his 100% in the Social Studies Test.
Connor Schmahl for always producing neat work.
Keratiloe Makhurane for always giving of her best.

Grade 6DC
Onye Onovo, Alana Amyot, Philippa McKechnie, Tyla Love, Rowan Thomas, Mitch Stanley for wonderful newspaper reports.

Grade 6N
Neil Rosenfels for good maths work this week.
Gerald Zhou for improving his work output this week.  Well done!

Grade 7M
Marbel Nyamhunga for excellent spelling test results.
Alistair Middleton for a great descriptive poem.

Grade 7NJ
Courtney Soma, Vidal Bravo, Bradley Wentzel and Dylan Pragji for super mathematics work.

Grade 7NE
Ethan Schultz, Caitlyn Rugara, Nadia Goremykin, Vuyo Ngwenya and Nicole Drummond for a focused approach towards all school work this week.

Mrs Rundle – 7NJ
Joel Shoniwa, Bradley Wentzel and Varaidzo Bere for excellent word class revision

Mrs Rundle – 7NE
Ethan Schultz for always working quietly and getting 29/30 for the language exercise.

Grade 3 – Ian Knight and Luke Middleton for improved participation this week.
Grade 4 – Nomathamsanqa Ndhlovu for clear and precise communication.
Grade 6 – Nicole Kesson for doing well in inombolo-numbers

Ben Burns and Raya Noach for excellent progress on their flutes in Music Group.
Yine Nel for excellent vocal control.
Hannah Godfrey and Tyla Love for diligent solo practice.

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