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Merit Awards for the week ending 2 March 2018

Grade 3K
Tinashe Mkonto for effort in Science.
Rachel Hlabangana for very good results in her tests.

Grade 3S
Adriana Bhana and Gabby Friend for doing so well at Inter-Schools Cross Country.
Kiera Schultz for working hard on her reading.
Ross Schmahl for excellent mathematics diagrams.

Grade 4F
Josh Shaw for better mental mathematics.
Ellie Rheam for super reading.
Jayden Shoniwa for better concentration

Grade 4G
Kathryn Rundle for determination to succeed.
Thomas Anders for commitment in his work.

Grade 4VW
Samuel Matabeya for always producing lovely, neat work.
Jessica Lubbe for her determination and effort.

Grade 5M
Shammah Chingonzoh for fantastic work in R.M.E.
Nikhil Dulabh for effort in mathematics.

Grade 5DB
Cole-Simon Anders and Joshua Engelbrecht for being better organised.
Savanna Smith for determination in maths.

Grade 5J
Angela Dube for a great agriculture test mark.
Skyla Schoultz for a fantastic improvement in her homework.

Grade 6R
Vanessa Vuma for an excellent poem.
Kian Hawa for good maths and agriculture this week.

Grade 7NE
To the whole class for excellent bonds/tables and science test results.  Well done!

Wild Life Club
Liam Smith for outstanding wildlife knowledge.
Christopher Dube-Banda for active participation in wildlife discussions.
Liam, Skyla and Ryah for detailed projects on indigenous trees at Whitestone


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