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Merit Awards ending 2 June 2017

Grade 3T
Daniel Stephens for the most improved joining handwriting.
Ellie Rheam for a beautiful summary of her library book in her book report.

Grade 3K
Neo Perkins for giving her banana Teagan when she needed extra sugar.
Jessie York being ready quickly at the start of lessons.
Christian Smith for concentrating better.

Grade 4VW
Tanatswa Mazhude for neatly presented work.

Grade 4G
Joshaviah Chiza for an improved standard of work.
Ryah Mason, Philippa McKechnie, Patrick Duff, Noma Nkala and Liam Nel for lovely poems.

Grade 4F
Alicia Ncube and Noelle Pumfrey for super poetry.
Ben Burns and Angela Dube for excellent metric conversions.
Veer Patel for the effort he is making to improve his handwriting.

Grade 5DB
Bradley Dube and Arron-Michael Waugh for much improved work.
The whole class for embracing their message in the chapel play and for performing well.

Grade 5DJ
Mitchell Stanley and Thapelo Mashayamombe for their extra effort and concentration in their work.

Grade 5M
Ethan Fouche for being a super keen participant in class discussions.
Gerald Zhou for neat handwriting.

Grade 6DC
Morgan Liddle for beautiful joining handwriting all week.
Dominic McKechnie for trying his best to write with his left hand.
Garrick Duff for helping Dominic being his ‘right hand’ man!

Grade 6N
Joel Shoniwa for trying hard to improve his handwriting.
Chibueze Nzewi for improved behaviour in class.

Grade 7M
Sebastian Burns and Aidan Waterfall for much improved work presentation.

Ndebele – Mrs Mafa
Tafadzwa Samuriwo (6DC) and Marbel Nyamhunga (6DC) for full marks in spelling.
Wezi Phiri (3S) for improved reading.
Patrick Duff (4G) for naming colours correctly in Ndebele.

Ndebele – Mr Mpofu
Aidan Waterfall  (7M) for good class participation.
Emma Price (7NE) for working with interest and pride.
Lian Batchelor (7NJ) for commendable effort this week.



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