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Merits for the week ending 21 September 2018

Grade 1K
Angel Chida for her helpfulness in the classroom.
Akira Wilke for beautiful presentation.
Ashton Teasdale for settling so easily into his new class
Abdullah Abbasi for a high standard of work.

Grade 1L
Tinashe Gotosa for forming his letters correctly.
Suyanda Ndlovu, Nathan Dube and Thomas Ncube for lovely handwriting.

Grade 1T
Mbongeni Nkala, Bazibi Lukuta and Liam Rauch for being kind.
Vanaishe Marima, Makanaka Musiya and Leilani for excellent reading.

Grade 2D
Nathi Mutseyekwa for good reading.
Gracie Boyce for lovely neat work.

Grade 2T
Troy Sigauke for working so hard in all subjects.
Keira Webster for lovely work in English and number.
Babongile Ncube for trying to finish all her work.
Charles Madonko for good progress in number.

Grade 2W
Cale Maingehama for good accurate number work.
Mufaro Chakanyuka for always giving of her best.
Lia Pinto Da Cunha for a responsible attitude towards all areas of her school work.

Grade 3K
Jack Love for a fantastic story about “The Sad Clown”.
Tinotenda Makoni for completing his maths homework carefully.

Grade 3S
Ben Mutiba for being so brave after having stitches in his shoulder.
Timude Dzwairo and Amalsha Ncube for coping so well at group swimming.

Grade 3T
Junior Ncube and Luke Middleton both for confidently swimming a length of our pool.  Well done!

Grade 4F
Takudzwa Mukanya and Teagan Muller for better concentration and completion of tasks.

Grade 4G
Kathryn Rundle for improved standard in reading.
Chad Shearing for good comprehension answers

Grade 4VW
To the whole class for their chapel play.
Hannah Brandt for getting 20/20 for her spelling bee words.

Grade 5M
Grace Murendo for excellent participation in class.
Nikhil Dulabh for effort in handwriting.

Grade 5DB
Amaan Kara for expressing lovely thoughts about his grandpa.
Noma Nkala for a well executed picture.

Grade 5J
Alicia Ncube for effort in English.
Tadiwa Marima for good work with graphs.

Grade 6
Brianna Style for excellent effort in spelling.
Markos Tzircalle for good science work this week.

Grade 6DC
Tate Lees for always being quietly conscientious.
Rowan Thomas for an improved attitude to his work this week.

English – Grade 7M
Mikhail Hawa for a mature analysis of Shakespeare’s King Lear.  Very well done!

English – Grade 7NE
Nicole Drummond for excellent results in her Cambridge English work.

Ndebele – Mrs Mafa
Dean Chiwombe (4G) and Wezi Phiri ($VW) for improved reading.

Ndebele – Mr Mpofu
Grace Murendo (5M) for improved vocabulary.
Rahil Bhavan (7M) for working diligently this week.

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