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Merits for the week ending 3 March 2017

Grade 3T
Abake Moyo for improved attitude towards his work.
Geraldine Matika for lovely manners.
Tiboke Ndlovu for good use of adjectives.

Grade 3K
Damien Style and Luke Coventry for always being smart, cheerful and helpful!
Princess Chida for beautiful art!
Chloe Werrett and Taro Chimvinga for always being ready to help in the classroom.

Grade 4VW
Joshua Edwards, Mario Gomes and Baelyn Butcher for dedication and commitment.
Tiya Desai for lovely manners.

Grade 4G
Andile Mguni for better commitment to his work.
Cole-Simon Anders for being sensible and well mannered.

Grade 4F
Noelle Pumfrey for good comprehension answers.
Alicia Ncube for neater science notes.
Issy Louw for excellent reading.
Veer Patel for accurate mental.

Grade 5DB
Bradley Dube, Zane Sibanda and Ruvimbo Chizhande for impressive science diagrams.
Emily Townshend for doing her best in the Inter-Schools’ Cross Country even though she was sick.

Grade 5DJ
Darren Ncube for his excellent presentation and for his determination to produce work of a high standard.
Takunda Dzumbunu for making sure his work is always his best and for his great effort in all subjects.

Grade 5K
Amber Rosenfels for vibrant and expressive reading.
Dylan Burton for enthusiastic application in all areas.

Grade 6DC
Otes Chiwashira for a lovely hard week of work.
Hayden Meyer for trying harder with his handwriting
Thando Mlauzi for asking important questions in class

Grade 6N
Samual Canter for improved work organisation.
Aaliyah Kara for great work this week.

Grade 6J
Vuyo Ngwenya for improved neatness.
Shana Sibanda for being kind and helpful.
Tanya Claassen for the most house-points this week.

Grade 7NE
Phoebe Nel, Serena Rix, Rachel Rix and Lucy Ogden for kindly assisting in class.
Sian Rheam for trying to work neatly.
Daniel Widdopm Huntsman Williams and Mzi Mabaso for settling down and working harder.

Grade 7M
Vaughan Barnett for much improved application this week.
Kundiso Bere, Zara Matthews and Mitchell Lowe for excellent creative writing.

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