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Whitestone Cricket vs Petra | 25 October 2017

Grade 4A
Whitestone were 78 for 5 while Petra were 77 for 9.  Whitestone won by 4 wickets.  Well played guys and keep up the good spirits!

Grade 4B
Whitestone were 79 for 5 while Petra were 66 all out.  A great performance on your first game.  Keep up the good spirit!

Grade 3 Sharks
Whitestone were 82 runs for 4 wickets and Petra were 70 runs for 13 wickets (Bakers Cricket).  Whitestone won by 16 runs.  Well done boy6s, you played good cricket!

Grade 3 Cobra
Whitestone were 48 for 4 wickets while Petra were 68 for 3 wickets (Bakers Cricket).  Petra won by 11 runs.  Work harder boys and better luck next time!

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