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Merit Awards for the week ending 30 June 2017

Grade 3K
Brently Masuku, Bryne Dube for good work with fractions.
Jodie-Lee Swain for a lovely story using good words.
Ciaran Kott for trying hard and working quickly.

Grade 3S
Hannah Brandt for lovely drawings in her Environmental book.
Wezi Phiri for sensible behaviour in all circumstances.

Grade 4VW
Nicholas Roukounis for being honest and handing in money he found on the floor.
Baelyn Butcher for her honesty.

Grade 4F
Issy Louw, Noelle Pumfrey and Ben Burns for super illustrations in Social Studies.
Skyla Schoultz for neat, colourful work in Science.
Zoe Whaley for improved concentration and effort.

Grade 5DB
The Whole Class for all contributing to make Fairy Tale Day so worthwhile and special for the Grade 1 and Grade 2 children.

Grade 5DJ
Takudzwa Maposa for being so helpful and cheerful in the early mornings.
Tate Lees for his effort and progress in long division.

Grade 5M
Imani Chada for outstanding behaviour.
Dylan Burton for improved handwriting.
Calum King for good participation in class discussions.

Grade 6DC
Thando Mlauzi for better effort with his handwriting and presentation.
Zayaan Gaibi and Bryony Nesbitt for a pleasing week of neat and hard work.
Hayden Meyer for a superb description of setting in his creative work.

Grade 6N
Jorja Boucher and Chante Querl for being helpful and courteous.

Grade 6J
Caitlin Rugara and Tanya Claassen for the care and attention that they put into all their work.

Ndebele – Mrs Mafa
Byron Sithole (3S), Kelebogile Mzizi (6N), Marble Nyamhunga (6DC), Vanessa Moyo and Makanaka (7NE) for progress and commitment.

Special Merit
Thank you Byron King, Callum King and Neil Rosenfels for all your help on Wednesday afternoon helping with oranges at the matches.

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