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Springvale Girls Hockey Festival and Bryden | 16 and 17 June 2017

Girls 1st Team
vs Bryden Whitestone won 2 – 0
The girls played very well and everyone held their positions throughout the game.  We had excellent structure and two beautiful goals!  Well done girls!

vs Chisipite Whitestone lost 1 – 0
vs Ruzawi Whitestone drew 0 – 0
vs Springvale Whitestone drew 0 – 0
vs Lilfordia Whitestone won 1 – 0
I am very happy with these results.  Our loss against Chisi has been our first loss of the season.  It was an incredible festival and the girls definitely rose to the occasion!

Fillies A Team
vs Bryden Whitestone lost 5 – 0
vs Chisipite Whitestone Won 1 – 0
vs Ruzawi Whitestone lost 2 – 0
vs Springvale Whitestone lost 2 – 0
vs Lilfordia Whitestone lost 2 – 1
Totally proud of all the girls.  They had lots of spirit and fought to the end.

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