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Shrike’s Call | June 2017

As indicated in the first Newsletter, the term has started off very well.  It is difficult to comprehend how quickly time flies by and we now find ourselves firmly embedded in the second term with a huge number of activities to look forward to:  There are many sporting festivals scattered across the country that we intend to attend, namely, Hellenic, Springvale, Kyle and Midlands Christian.  Whitestone School will be hosting the Inter-Provincial Hockey Tournament.  On the academic front, the children are all working feverishly and the Grade Seven Pupils have the CHISZ Common Entrance Examination to prepare for.

There are a number of projects that the school is working on, or planning to work on.  The swimming pool has been emptied so that it can be tiled and renovated.  There is urgency behind this as it needs to be ready for use in the school holidays.  Two tennis courts are being resurfaced as well.

D6 App
The D6 will be working shortly and we hope that many of you will download the App to keep up to date with everything happening at the school.  As soon as the data base has been established, parents will be furnished with instructions on how to log on.  It is a wonderful App that will streamline communication significantly.

Drakensberg Choir Tour
During the April school holidays, our Frog Choir attended the Drakensberg ‘Music in the Mountains’ Festival.   The choir was given the honour of participating in the Opening Ceremony with the Drakensberg Boys Choir.  Whitestone School is the first primary school ever to be asked to participate in the opening of the Festival.  We intend holding an evening at Whitestone where our Choir will give a performance to parents and friends, in the near future.  We will let you know when this will take place.

Grade 5 Camp to Jabulani
At the end of last term the Grade 5’s went to Jabulani Camp.  Besides conducting studies of trees, soils, water and food chains, the children enjoyed canoeing and tubing at Mermaids Pool.  On the farm visit, the children observed pig, cattle and pecan nut farming. The camp fires came alive with skits and songs, giving us a special opportunity to say goodbye to Miss Karim.  The children had an experience of a life time, as seen in the presentation to their parents.

Grade 6 Camp to Lasting Impressions
The Grade 6 Camp to Lasting Impressions in Kadoma was a resounding success again this year.  The children thoroughly immersed themselves in fantastic activities such as canoeing, archery, camouflage survival and zip-wire.  The instructors imparted valuable information on water, air and land pollution and did some fun experiments, all of which is a part of our Cambridge curriculum.  Mr Croudace took the children on a long bush walk and we were given the opportunity to see the valves being opened at Claw Dam.  The camp is wonderful and valuable experience for our Grade 6’s and leaves a definite ‘Lasting Impression’ on all of our children.

Whitestone Rugby and Girls Hockey Festival
In May Whitestone School hosted a very successful Rugby and Girls’ Hockey Festival, enjoyed by all.  Thank you to the Fund Raising Committee who kept us fed and watered throughout the day and to Mr Denn and Mrs Hajat for their input behind the scenes.  Whitestone were very proud of both their Rugby and Girls’ Hockey Teams play and sportsmanship on and off the field.  The results from the festival are as follows:

1st Team Rugby
vs Kyle Whitestone won 31 – 0
vs MCS Whitestone won 43 – 0
vs Vic Falls Whitestone won 40 – 0
vs Phikwe Whitestone won 52 – 0

2nd Team Rugby
vs Goldridge 1st Whitestone won 10 – 5
vs SOS 1st Whitestone won 10 – 0
vs Petra 2nd Whitestone won 15 – 0

Girls 1st Team Hockey
vs Kyle Whitestone drew 0 – 0
vs Goldridge Whitestone won 2 – 0
vs MCS Whitestone won 1 – 0
vs Petra Whitestone won 1 – 0

Girls 2nd Team Hockey
vs Convent Whitestone lost 3 – 0
vs Petra 2 Whitestone lost 2 – 0
vs Portland Whitestone lost 3 – 0
vs St. Thomas Whitestone lost 1 – 0

Petra Rugby and Girls ‘ Hockey festival
The Colts A Rugby and Fillies A Girls’ Hockey teams participated in a similar festival at Petra Primary. The valuable experience the Fillies gained at the Festival will be of great benefit to them.  The Colts played exceptionally well and won the tournament.

Fillies Team
vs Masiye – Whitestone won  3 – 0
vs MCS – Whitestone lost  3 – 2
vs SOS – Whitestone lost  3 – 0
vs Petra B – Whitestone drew  0 – 0
vs Kyle – Whitestone lost  5 – 0
Whitestone came tie 5th place out of 7 schools.

Colts A Rugby Ream
vs REPS – Whitestone won  40 – 0
vs Masiiye – Whitestone won  28 – 0
vs Petra B – Whitestone won  52 – 0
vs MCS – Whitestone won  31 – 0
vs Kyle – Whitestone won  7 – 0
Finals were between Petra A and Whitestone
Whitestone won 12 – 0

ICT/iPad Summit
At the beginning of the term, Mr Ndlovu and I attended an ICT/iPad Summit in Johannesburg.  This was found to be very interesting and stimulating.  I was hugely impressed with the magnitude of the conference.  Whitestone School is certainly in tune with modern day education in the first world and, in particular, with the use of the iPad in enhancing education for our children.  The iPad has the potential to significantly contribute to the effective learning and teaching in the school.

Falcon Hockey Festival
On the 26 May, the Whitestone Boys 1st Hockey Team were invited to take part in the Falcon Hockey Festival where our boys played against senior school U14 children.  It was a challenging afternoon but well done to all the boys for playing their hearts out.  The results are as follows:

vs Girls College A Whitestone drew 1 – 1
vs Girls College B Whitestone won 3 – 0
vs Petra High A Whitestone lost 2 – 0
vs Falcon A Whitestone lost 3 – 0

Fun Whitestone Men vs 1st Team Soccer Afternoon
Our male staff had a fun afternoon playing the 1st Soccer Team.  We just managed to beat the boys 4 -2.  Well played boys and men!  There were some very sore bodies on Monday morning!  The teachers were battered and bruised and moved around the school very tenderly.

Adventure into Learning
Academic activities in the Resource Centre.

Mike Waddy (founder student of Whitestone School) with his grandson who came to visit the Resource Centre.  Mike spotted a ‘saucepan radio’.  He remembers it as his first radio when he was a student at Plumtree School.

De-mystifying contours on a map.

There is nothing like a good story!

Grade 5DB visit to Khami Ruins
Grade 5DB at the World Heritage site of Khami Ruins learning about the Torwa people.

KGVI visiting Grade 6N to teach sign language
Last term a few pupils and teachers from KGVI came to visit Grade 6N to learn sign language.  The class found the sign language learning difficult and interesting but enjoyable.  The class was amazed to see how happy these children were and were very grateful that they are not deaf.


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