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Merit Awards for the week end 7 September 2018

Grade 1K
Tebelelo Ngwenya for neat writing.
Ethan Phiri for interesting illustrations.
Riya Bhika and Bo Butcher for being friendly and helpful.

Grade 1L
Kevin Matunhire for giving a good example of an A B pattern.
Tyrese Kufahakutizwi for remembering all his reading words.
Solomon Chatima for excellent detail in his self-portrait.

Grade 3K
A great start to the term.  Keep it up girls!  Nandipa Hlatini and Makenna French.

Grade 3S
Liam van der Merwe for working so hard in written English.
Shiloh Chingonzoh for beautiful, neat, colourful written English.

Grade 5M
Joshua Edwards for excellent work this week.
Skye Steenbok for settling down so quickly and working hard.

Grade 5DB
Patrick Duff for asking sensible questions.
Athina Ktistakis, Mbalenhle Ndlovu, Noma Nkala and Savanna Smith for being the most organised.

Grade 5J
Zoe Whaley and Kuziva Masendu for effort in mathematics.

Grade 6R
Angela Brown and Keratiloe Makhurane for building a wonderful parachute in our science lesson.

Grade 6DC
Liam Smith for his incredible hydraulic plane invention which he made in the holidays.
Nicole Kesson for thinking carefully in problem solving.

Grade 6N
Shyanne Hapelt for setlling in well to the new class.
Tanya Gozo for a positive start to the term.

Grade 7NE
Ethan Schultz, Nicole Drummond and Joshua Blignaut for answering challenging mathematics problems.

Marbel Nyamhunga  and Ngonidzashe Tembo (7M) for a good response to poetry.

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