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Merits for the week ending 8 June 2018

Grade 1K
Herschel Herry for always doing the right thing!
Brock Leesmay for a great improvement in all his work!
Alleyyah Lambat for a high standard of work.
Farai Matabeya for excellent oral number work!

Grade 1L
Tyrese Kufahakutizwi for helping everyone in class.
Laken Hodgson for pleasing progress in reading.
Soloman Chatima for lovely handwriting.

Grade 1T
Ugo Onwuchukwu, Liam Rauch, Cullen van Blerk, Natalie Manyema and B.J. Nnam for better reading.
Carryl Murendo for lovely, clear speech.

Grade 2D
Watipa Zvenyika for trying very hard.
Savannah Fulton for good reading.
Lindelwe Moyo for getting to school on time this term.

Grade 2T
Eleni Roukounis for beautiful work in “Adventure into Learning”.
Joanna Mukanya for effort in Ndebele.
Emmanuel Gwanyanya and Troy Sigauke for progress in mental number.

Grade 2W
Ruvarashe Dzumbunu for always quietly getting on and completing her work.
Cale Maingehama for excellent thinking skills.
Lia Pinto da Cunha for being a super student!

Grade 3K
Carmen Shaw for showing more determination to finish her work.
Tavonga Msasanure for always having something intelligent to offer to discussions

Grade 3S
Courage Chivanga, Fred Moyo, Dalu Mphoko, Nkateko Chauke-Lazaro, Mbale Sibanda and Kunashe Marima for working sohard to improve their joining writing.

Grade 3T
Simphiwe Dube for better presentation of work.
Thomani Mutavhatsindi for doing all his homework accurately this week.

Grade 4F
Daniel Stephens and Alan Rodrigues for accurate decimal work.
Josh Shaw for better concentration and handwriting.

Grade 4G
Thomas Anders for commitment to his work.
Damien Style for consistent effort in all subjects.

Grade 5M
Tinotenda Gotosa and Joshua Edwards for excellent mathematics.
Tiya Desai for a super effort in agriculture.

Grade 5DB
Patrick Duff, Mbalenhle Ndlovu, Reuel Rangarirai and Noma Nkala for using great words in their poems.

Grade 5J
Kuziva Musendu and Chad Oxden-Willow for improved Xtra Maths.

Grade 6R
Brianna Style for lovely creative writing.
Odinaka Onwuchukwu for moving on to Card B in 3 Minute Maths.
Markos Tzircalle for neater work so far this term.

Grade 6DC
To my whole class for a super, inspiring chapel play, with great acting and clear speaking.

Grade 6N
Gerald Zhou and Calum King for improved presentation and attitude to work.

Grade 7M
Thando Mlauzi for an improved attitude to his work.

Grade 7N
Ruvarashe Kuzanga for quietly and maturely getting on with her work.
Lisa Rayner for trying to write more neatly.
Emmanuel Shana for good maths.

Grade 7NE
Faizaan Gaibi and Ethan Schultz for determination and hard work to succeed.
Nicole Drummond for a very well written argumentative essay.
Joshua Blignaut for a more focused approach to his school work.

Stephanie Rundle (6R) for better understanding of the language.
Christian Smith (4G) for good class participation.
Jessie York (4VW) for using Ndebele time wisely.
Travis Pettican (7NJ) for excellent class attitude this week.
Marbel Nyamhunga (7M) for working with interest and pride.
Zach Gover (6R) for good comprehension skills.

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