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Merit Awards | Week ending 10 February 2017

Grade 1D
Colt Hodgson for being brave about school.
Aidan Huges for improved colouring.
Lebohang Ngwenya for working well.
Grade 1K
To the whole class for much better listening and lovely neater work!!  You have made Mrs King very proud!
Grade 1L
Farai Mukuhlani for helping other children in his class.
Charles Madonko for a super effort in swimming.
Eleni Roukounis for excellent phonic work.
Grade 1T
The whole class for reading their first reading book so well.
Grade 2D
Tinashe Mkonto and Miguel Murove for better work.
Makenna French, Noma Majuba and Tiffany Smith for trying very hard.
Lauren Smith and Rachel Hlabangana for very good reading.
Grade 2T
Logan Lumsden for good number.
Tayana Hlabangana and Deborah Gwanyanya for trying so hard with their reading.
Luke Middleton for being so kind.
Grade 2W
Freddie Moyo for trying hard with his swimming.
Shiloh Chingonzoh for lovely reading.
Adriana Bhana, Yine Nel and Meghan Edwards for being helpful.
Grade 3T
Ngoni Marima for being more organised this week.
Christine Lupepe and James Widdop for super mental maths.
Mandisa Maphosa for doing all her homework this week.
Shumirai Zvenyika for finally following the classroom rules.
Luke Rosenfels for good behaviour and lovely manners all the time.
Grade 3K
Tom Anders, Daniel Conolly, Ivan Ndebele, Natalie Garikayi, Kathryn Rundle and Regina Zibowa for being organised quickly.
Bryne Dube, Daniel Conolly and Jessie York for good running in cross country.
Grade 4VW
Tinovimba Chimvinga for drawing an accurate cuboid.
Mario Gomes and Joshua Edwards for working so well together.
Mwaita Makudu for knowing his tables well.
Mondli Nkolomi for trying to be more organised.
Baelyn Butcher for making more of an effort to focus on her work.
Ethan Chivaura for actively taking part, and not being afraid to get something wrong.
Krish Bhavan for making an effort to neaten his work.
Tiya Desai for always being so quiet and getting on with her work.
Shammah Chingonzoh for once again picking up litter (those naughty dogs!!)
Nikhil Dulabh for making an effort to think before he speaks.
Grade 4G
Amaan Kara for being cheerful at all times even if the work is difficult.
The whole class for a lovely Chapel Play presentation.
Grade 4F
Linda Ndlovu and Zoe Whaley for beautiful presentation of work.
Veer Patel for avid reading this week.
Chad Oxden-Willows for trying to remain focused on his work.
Grade 5DB
The whole class for making the most of their learning opportunity at the museum and for behaving so well.
Grade 5DJ
Tian Muller for his focus and neat presentation in science.
Takudzwa Maposa for his speedy and accurate mental maths.
Tyla Love for her care and attention to detail in her art work.
Grade 5K
Ethan Fouche and Imani Chada for being responsible and focusing their energy on always giving of their best.
Grade 6N
Emmanuel Shana for great improvement in language and comprehension.
Bradley Wentzel for determination and effort.
Grade 6J
Caitlyn Rugara, Tanya Claassen, Ethan Schultz, Faizaan Gaibi and Nadia Goremykin for a great week’s work!
Grade 7NE
Tawana Kuzanga for trying hard to keep up in class.
Nicole Matukutire and Emma Price for well detailed comprehension answers.
Gemma Iversen for being helpful an kindly assisting her peers.
Grade 7M
Siphumuzile Mloyi, Sara Lunat, Kundiso Bere and Joshuz Zibowa for neatly presented maths work.
Grade 7N
Liam Maingehama, Byron King and Awakhiwe Mpofu for outstanding maths.

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