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Whitestone Hockey vs Petra | 8 June 2017

Boys 1st Team
Whitestone drew 2 – 2
Boys 2nd Team
Whitestone won 2 – 0
Boys 3rd Team
Whitestone won 1 – 0
A fantastic afternoon of hockey!  Boys – well done – your tenacity and determination to succeed made us all proud!

Colts A Team
Whitestone won 5 – 0
Colts B Team
Whitestone drew 0 – 0
Colts C Team
Whitestone won 1 – 0

Girls 1st Team
Whitestone won 1 – 0
Girls 2nd Team
Whitestone lost 3 – 0
Girls 3rd Team
Whitestone drew 1 – 1
Girls 4th Team
Whitestone lost 1 – 0

Fillies A Team
Whitestone drew 0 – 0
A very exciting game.  The girls played extremely well and I was very proud of them.  Well done girls!
Fillies B Team
Whitestone Lost 4 – 0
A good game.  However, the girls need to be more confident with their goal scoring, and work together as a team.  Well played girls!
Fillies C Team
Whitestone lost 2 – 0
The girls tried very hard and did their best.  I was very proud of their improvement.  Well done girls!

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