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Merit Awards for the week ending 12 July 2019

Grade 3K

Valerie Vuma for good results in spelling, tables and bonds.

Isaac Chatima for supporting somoene in need of help and doing the right thing.

Grade 3S

Gracie Boyce for being brave when she had her arm in a sling.

Savannah Fulton for being helpful.

Mbalenhle Jared for getting 100% in her spelling test.

Grade 3T

Caleb Crawford for pleasing tests results.

Hannah Maseko for neat presentation of work.

Grade 4G

Niel Jones for his determination to be awarded a pen licence.

Amina Shahzad for applying herself fully to her work.

Grade 4F

Nomaqhawe Majuba and Mbalenhle Moyo for excellent mathematics homework.

Junior Jared for improved number work.

Grade 5dB

The whole class for constructing imaginative “Dream Houses.”

Grade 5M

Jordyn Dinhidza for good social studies test results.

Kirsty Moyo for good effort in all studies.

Grade 5S

Jodie Lee Swain for maintaining a high standard of work in homework.

Grade 6N

Shammah Chingonzoh and Patrick Duff for impressive test results.

Grade 6G

Benjamin Burns and Gabriel Marumahoko for pleasing effort in their science test.

Grade 7Ro

Linda Ndlovu and Shyanne Hapelt for realising their potential in hockey.

Ted Nyamapfeka for giving of his best in his studies.

Grade 7Ru

Ethan Fouche for improved presentation of all his work.

Onyenyechukwu Onovo for pleasing effort in English.

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