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Whitestone Cricket vs Petra | 2 March 2018

Grade 4A Team
Whitestone were 88 for 2 wickets while Petra were 47 for 6 wickets.  Whitestone won.  Well done boys.  Well played.

Grade 4B Team
Whitestone won the match by 1 run (Bakers Cricket).  Well done to all the boys.

Grade 3A
Whitestone were 86 for 3 wickets while Petr were 24 for 6 wickets.  Whitestone won (Bakers Cricket).  Well done to all the boys who played wonderful cricket.

Grade 3B Team
Whitestone were 30 runs for 10 wickets which Petra were 22 runs for 10 wickets.  Whitestone won by 1 run. (Bakers Cricket)
All the boys made utmost effort to win and enjoyed themselves.  A lot of lessons were learnt.  Well done boys!

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