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Merit Awards Week Ending 10 May 2019

Grade 2D

Khaya Tabana for neater writing this term.

Brock Leesmay for interesting news.

Farai Matabeya for good number work.

Grade 2T

Skye Longhurst and Thapelo Mbiabolawe for settling well into their new school.

Rukudzo Chivaura, Vanaishe Marima, Stella Friend and Leilani Bhana for being kind.

Grade 2W

Courtney Watson for good oral English.

Tinashe Gotosa for trying to work faster.

Soraiya Lunat for careful colouring.

Kevin Matunhire for improved effort in his handwriting.

Grade 3K

Jordan Gumpo and J Wes Jared for starting off the term on a good note.

Grade 3S

Buhle Mpofu for starting the term with a positive attitude and hard work.

Shaun Ndlovu for good results and neater presentation.

All Grade 5s

For a happy and successful camp.

Grade 7RO

Aidan Osborne, Antonuis Chigwada and Ayize Mthethwa-Ikemefuna for their lovely parachutes on gravity for science.

Grade 7RU

Alana Amyot and Philippa McKechnie for excellent work in comprehension.


Dylan Burton and Ayize Ikemefuna-Mthethwa pleasing progress in oral work.

Layya Esat for good recollection of vocabulary.

Shane Winterboer for good application of vocabulary in sentences.

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