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Whitestone Netball | 12 July 2018

Whitestone 1st Team won 12 – 1
Whitestone 2nd won 6 – 1
Whitestone 3rd won 14 – 0
Well played girls. Keep it up!

Whitestone Fillies A won 5 – 0
Whitestone Fillies B lost 4 – 1
I was so proud of our girls!  They played with so much determination against some rough players.

Grade 3
Whitestone Grade 3A won 1 – 0
Grade 4
Whitestone Grade 4A won 8 – 0
The girls (Grade 3 and 4) played fantastically in their last match of the season.  The shooters had a mammoth task shooting into very tall goals.  Well done girls!

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