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Merit Awards Week Ending 11 October 2019

Grade 1L

Athena Schwim, Raymond Munyaka and Petra Ndlovu for lovely number work.

Grade 1T

Elliana Van Beek, Rachel Marima, Tesha Ravala, Confidence Chivanga and Katie King for always giving of their best.

Grade 2D

Patrick Blignaut for being brave.

Bo Butcher and Acacia Watson for lovely creative writing.

Grade 2T

Lexi Love for excellent work in number.

Bazibi Lukuta for good oral work in all subjects.

Langa Mangezi for effort in all subjects and beautiful manners.

Grade 2W

Maita Gonah for consistently beautiful work.

Zara Lalla for trying hard with her reading.

Kathryn Lowe for speedy, accurate work.

Tinashe Gotosa for quick answers in oral number.

Grade 3K

Joshua Armand and Valerie Vuma for making a good effort with division sums.

Elizabeth Beckley for a wonderful story.

Grade 3T

Colt Hodgson for a positive towards his work this week.

Joanna Mukanya for pleasing mental mathematics.

Grade 4F

Junior Jared and Mbalenhle Moyo for working hard to improve their handwriting.

Luke Middleton for a super circuit.

Grade 5dB

Neo Perkins for doing exceptionally good homework, despite being so busy with sport.

Grade 5M

Kirsty Moyo for impressive contributions in class.

Natalie Garakayi for improved presentation of work.

Grade 5S

Jessica Lubbe for being more active during lessons.

Grade 6N

Mario Gomes and Grace Murendo for maintaining a high standard of work all week.

Grade 6DC

Nikhil Dulabh for a super detailed reading comment.

Amaan Kara for working hard at his English fiction stories.

Grade 6G

Veer Patel for catching up work he missed while he was on cricket tour.

Issabelle Louw for a brilliant creative writing piece on “The Desert.”

Grade 7Ro

Aidan Osborne and Rowan Thomas for great effort in Cambridge Science revision.

Takunda Dzumbunu and Tanyaradzwa Chakanyuka for super effort in Cambridge Mathematics revision.

Grade 7Ru

Philippa McKechnie and Darren Ncube for super effort in Cambridge Mathematics revision.

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