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Merit Awards for the week ending 16 June 2017

Grade 3T
Jesse Crawford and James Widdop for amazing contributions to the discussion about family names and Totems.
Ngonidzashe Marima for the most improved handwriting this week.
Takudzwa Mukanya and Luke Rosenfels for outstanding general knowledge.

Grade 3K
Danielle Mwapaura,and Princess Zulu for always doing their best work.
Kayla Sutherland-MacLeod for trying hard to improve her joining hand writing.
Ivan Ndebele for very good manners

Grade 3S
Byrone Sithole for neat work and trying really hard this week.
Wezi Phiri for remembering facts from content subjects very well.

Grade 4G
Ethan Gonah for a positive attitude towards school work.
Patrick Duff and Ryah Mason for lovely poetry.
Joshua Engelbrecht for better commitment in written exercises.

Grade 4F
Noelle Pumfrey and Issy Louw for neat, colourful science work.
Veer Patel and Zoe Whaley for better concentration.
Tadiwanashe Marima for being helpful.

Grade 5DB
Raya Noach, Ruan Nel, Emily Townshend and Baylee Wolhuter for sensible contributions to class discussions.

Grade 5DJ
Keratiloe Makhurane for her careful problem solving skills.
Safiyyah Lunat for taking pride in her work, especially her presentation in her science notes and diagrams.

Grade 5M
Naishe Marima for super effort in his written work.
Courtney Khumalo for outstanding work this week in all subjects.

Grade 6DC
Imanathi Nkomo for lovely, detailed reading comments this week.
Raees Memeniat for more effort in his school and homework.
Bryony Nesbitt and Jessie Sparrow for beautiful presentation of work.

Grade 6N
Travis Pettican for improved presentation of work.
Olivia Lunga for improved mathematics results.

Grade 6J
Allison Muzeyah and Emily Stanton for good drawing yesterday.
John Whaley for injecting so much life into his drama.

Grade 7N
Huntsman Williams and Tawana Kuzanga for a more focused approach to all school work.
Phoebe Nel, Gemma Iversen, Makanaka Nhamo and Vanessa Moyo for working quietly and diligently in all areas.

Grade 7M
Siphumuzile Mloyi, Samuel Rundle, Zara Matthews, Stephen Molife, Kundiso Bere, Kelly Khumalo and Joshua Zibowa for a consistently high standard of work.

Grade 7N
Anesu Paradzai for excellence in mathematics.
Jared Hope-Hann for being the science experiment winner.
Tristan Burton , Ari Mandeya, Tadiwa Chivaura and Donovon Ncube for having the best looking parachutes.

Ndebele – Mrs Mafa
Londani Nkiwane (6J), Vanessa Moyo and Nonhle Nyathi (7NE) Connor Schmahl (5DB), Dylan Burton and Neil Rosenfels (5M) and Neo Perkins (3K) for good reading.
Nlisi Moyo (6N) and Awakhiwe Mpofu (7N) for revising their notes.

Ndebele – Mr Mpofu
Zara Matthews (7M) for being attentive and diligent.
Serena Rix (7NE) for being competent in vocabulary.
Jared Hope-Hann (7N) for working well this week.

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