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Merit Awards for the week ending 10 November 2017

Grade 2T
Ayden Ncube for good work in all subjects.
Max Rosenfels for being so kind.
Ian Knight for effort in reading.

Grade 2W
Amalsha Ncube for improvement in swimming.
Yine Nel for always giving of her best.
Adriana Bhana for trying with her writing.

Grade 3K
Danielle Mwapaura and Princess Chida for trying very hard in mathematics.
Ivan Ndebele and Ciaran Knott for beautiful manners and behaviour.

Grade 4VW
Teak Watson, Tanatswa Mazhude and Baelyn Butcher for improvement with their bonds and tables.
Eleni Biddlecombe for lovely art work

Grade 4F
To the whole class for their Chapel Play.
Dakalo Mutavhatsindi for an excellend English test results.

Grade 5DB
Kimberley Ncube and Arron-Michael Waugh for much improved work.
Markos Tzircalle for being so positive this week.

Grade 5DJ
Keratiloe Makhurane for her excellent comprehension.
Liam Smith for his fantastic, detailed science project on the iPad.

Grade 5M
Neil Rosenfels for fantastic mental mathematics all week.
Dylan Burton for wonderful reading

Grade 6J
Faizaan Gaibi for fantastic bonds and tables.
Emmanuel Mukuhlani for learning his mathematics facts so well.

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