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Merits ending for the weeks 10 and 17 March 2017

Grade 1D
Leon Ndlovu for trying hard with his reading.
Siphosenkosi Nkomo for trying to be quieter.
Lakeisha Chiwombe for always doing her best.

Grade 1K
Mufaro Chakanyuka for being helpful and kind.
Eugene Ndlovu for improved work.
Jasmyn Mullin for lovely work.

Grade 1L
Lexie Nesbitt for doing her best in computers.
Ayanda Ngwenya for being helpful to others in his class.
Joanna Mukanya for making pleasing progress with her reading.

Grade 1T
Michael Doolabh for being kind.
Lonwabo Nkomo for lovely, neat writing.

Grade 2D
Jack Love for neat work.
Tavonga Msasanure for good story writing.
Caitlin Roselt for trying very hard.

Grade 2T
Praise Nhliziyo for colourful work in Ndebele.
Viwe Mkwananzi for being so organised and helpful.
Max Rosenfels for trying so hard with your handwriting – well done!

Grade 2W
Timude Dzwairo and Kunashe Marima for beautiful writing.
Owethu Nxumalo for always listening carefully.
Gabriella Friend for working hard on her skipping.
Ross Schmahl who always tries hard all the time.

Grade 3T
Takudzwa Mukanya for very good general knowledge.
Mangomuhle Ngwenya for being helpful.
Shayna Middleton for catching up on most of the work she missed.
Christine Lupepe and Ellie Rheam for beautiful power point presentations on nature and whales.
Mandisa Maphosa for completing her story sum on time.

Grade 3K
Jodie–Lee Swain for finishing her science so beautifully.
Danielle Mwapaura for beautiful handwriting.
Thomas Anders for always being cheerful and a hardworker.
Brently Masuku and Regina Zibowa for good reading.
Michaela Drummond for the most housepoints.
Jessie York and Kathryn Rundle for trying really hard with joining.

Grade 3S
Andile Kopotsha for neater work.
Wezi Phiri for catching up after 4 days away.
Tapiwa Malango for keeping up in class.

Grade 4VW
Tinovimba Chimvinga for lovely, neat work.
Krish Bhavan for making an effort to neaten his work.
Mondli Nkolomi and Eleni Biddlecombe for lovelty art work.
Mwaitanyasha Makudu for knowing his tables so well.
Shammah Chingonzoh for a lovely poem.
Tanatswa Mazhude and Teak Watson for really trying hard with their stories.

Grade 4G
Mthokozisi Nyoni, Joshua Engelbrecht and Daniel Oxden-Willlows for good scientific observations on condensation.

Grade 4F
Jodi Rosenfels, Tadiwanashe Marima, Benjamin Burns, Zoe Whaley and Trymore Chemhere for fantastic stories.
Angela Dube, Issabelle Louw, and Linda Ndlovu for fantastic spelling.
Trymore Chemhere, Skyla Schoultz and Jodi Rosenfels for being such wonderful helpers.

Grade 5DB
Odinaka Onwuchukwu for correctly predicting the outcome of his book.
Connor Schmahl for outstanding effort with reading comments.
Arron-Michael Waugh for hard work.

Grade 5DJ
Hannah Godfrey for her kindness to all those around her.
Liam smith for his enthusiasm, knowledge and helpfulness on our museum trip.

Grade 5K
Ted Nyampfeka and Dylan Burton for an enthusiastic attitude both in class and on the sports field.
Mbongeni Dube, Imani Chada and Gerald Zhou for being thoughtful and respectful of others.

Grade 6DC
Imanathi for a beautifully and neatly presented project.
Tristan Knott for bringing interesting cave painting pictures from his own farm to help our Art task.
Marbel Nyamhunga for outstanding expression in reading.
Paige Oxden-Willows and Raees Memeniat for trying hard to catch up all the tests that they missed.

Grade 6N
Aaliyah Kara for improved work presentation this week.
Eric Palermo for neat presentation of work.
Nlisi Moyo for a high standard of work in language.
Sarah Etheredge for determination and focus all week.

Grade 6J
Allison Muzeya and Johhn Whaley for effort in Art.
Nicole Drummond for quiet and sensible behaviour.

Grade 7M
Ben Oostindien and Siphumuzile Mloyi for outstanding effort in story sums.

Grade 7N
Tadiwanashe Chivaura for working quietly all the time.
Anesu Paradzai and Arikoishe Mandeya for conscientious work.
Donovan Ncube for improvement in mathematics.
Sonny Brebner, Tristen Fouche, Byron King and Liam Maingehama for following all instructions and working hard in class.

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