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Merit Awards Ending 14 July 2017

Grade 3T
The whole class for beautiful Hot Air Balloons.

Grade 3K
The whole class for fantastic poetry about the Moon, and wonderful Art – Hot Air Balloons.

Grade 4VW
Shammah Chingozoh for sensible participation in class.
Ciara Condon for improvement in tables.
Nikhil Dulabh for trying hard to improve his handwriting.

Grade 5DB
Kian Hawa and James Thompson for producing a high standard of work.
Odinaka Onwuchukwu, Zane Sibanda and Fanuel Zvenyika for using figurative language in their poems.

Grade 5DJ
Wayne Manyema and Ryan Winterboer for their focus and good work with fractions.

Grade 5M
Aidan Osborne and Dylan Burton for reading with understanding and expression.
Imani Chada for enthusiasm and improvement in Chess.
Courtney Khumalo for being the ‘Star’ worker of the week.

Grade 6DC
Rahil Bhavan for coping well on his crutches.
Paige Oxden-Willows for good work this week.
Zayaan Gaibi and Imanathi Nkomo for being ‘Super Spellers’ and getting 100% in our test.

Grade 6N
Lisa Rayner and Kelebogile Mzizi for improved concentration in class and producing a better standard of work.

Grade 6J
Naida Goremykin for always doing her best.
Emmanuel Mukuhlani for his effort and improved attitude.

Grade 7N
Awakhiwe Mpofu for top marks in Mental.
Sonny Brebner and Thandeka Mutseyekwa for improvement in Mental.
Ari Mandeya, Tadiwa Chivaura, Thabo Mhlanga and Anesu Paradzai for neatness and presentation.

Ndebele – Mrs Mafa and Mr Mpofu
Christine Lupepe (3T) and Olivia Lunga (6N) for scoring full marks in the end of term tests.

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