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Whitestone Hockey vs Masiye | 12 July 2017

Boys 1st Team
Whitestone won 1 – 0.  Well done boys!

Colts A Team
Whitestone lost 2 – 1.  A hard fought game – hard luck boys.  Well done to Ruan for some good saves.

Grade 4 Boys
Whitestone won 5 – 2.  Well done boys – a great game of hockey, an excellent performance by all the players.  We are so proud of you!

Grade 3 Boys
Whitestone drew 1 – 1.  Well played boys but the defence need to watch the player who stays by the goals.  A very interesting game.

Girls 1st Team
Whitestone won 3 – 0.  The girls continued to show their amazing talent!  Their structure and passing of the ball was lovely to wartch.  Well done my champions!!

Girls 2nd Team
Whitestone lost 3 – 0

Fillies A Team
Whitestone won 2 – 1.  Super game girls!  Totally proud of you!

Fillies B Team
Whitestone lost 2 – 0.  The girls tried really hard.  Well done to Amber on her defence play.

Grade 4 Girls
Whitestone lost 2 – 1.  Girls played with determination.  Good positional hockey, passing the ball and creating space and were very unlucky to have the second goal scored against them.

Grade 3 Girls
Whitestone drew 2 – 2.  This was an exciting game and the girls played well.  It was a very good experience for the team.  Well done girls!

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