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Merits for the Week ending 19 January 2018

Grade 3K
Makenna French, Tavonga Msasanure, Sasha Nyamhunga, Rachel Hlabangana, Jack Love, Lauren Smith and Huzaifa Karbanee for lovely story writing and using excellent words!

Grade 3S
Troy Pfende for finishing all his work.
Nkateko Chauke-Lazaro for being helpful in class.
Timude Dzwairo and Amalsha Ncube for lovely manners.

Grade 3T
Kyle Keefer, Deborah Gwanyanya and Tayana Hlabangana for having a happy day yesterday and for making more of an effort.
To the whole class for adjusting well to the Junior School.

Grade 4G
Luke Coventry and Kayla Sutherland-MacLeod for a good start in Grade 4.
Gabriella Mullin for neat handwriting and commitment to her work.

Grade 4VW
Danielle Mwapaura for lovely neat work.
Ethan Mushore for fantastic manners.
Hannah Brandt for working hard and doing her best.
Wezi Phiri and Ivan Ndebele for settling down quickly and doing their work.

Grade 5M
Brooke O’Neill for excellent Literacy Box.
Grace Murendo for fantastic reading.
Mwaitanyasha Mukudu and Mondli Nkolomi for being the Star Workers of the week.

Grade 5DB
Josh Chiza, Daniel Oxden-Willows and Reuel Rangarirai for good recording of information from an interview.
Josh Doolabh for being particularly kind and understanding.

Grade 5J
Veer Patel for his effort with reading this week.
Dakalo Mutavhatsindi and Gabriel Marumahoko for fantastic comprehension.

Grade 6R
Zach Gover and Angela Brown for settling into the class well.
Ruvimbo Chizhande for always producing neat work.

Grade 6DC
Tate Lees, Rowan Thomas, Mitchell Stanley and Ammaarah Lambat for a very interesting paragraph on their weekend and fantastic use of connectives.

Brianna Style, Arron-Michael Waugh and Bradley Dube for attending both Music Group Sessions.
Connor Schmahl for consistent helpfulness.



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