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Shrike’s Call July 2018

Another end of term is drawing near and what a hectic three months this has been.  Whitestone has been involved in many activities: sporting and cultural. The School has also hosted Rugby, Hockey and Netball Festivals.  What has been exciting to watch were our Grade 3 children who have played an increasing number of matches in all three sporting disciplines. We have been entertained and enthralled by their eagerness to participate and give of their best for their school.  Our Chess children have also taken part in two Bulawayo Chess Association Tournaments.  The Grade 7 children have all just written their Form One entry examinations at the high school of their choice. Without being able to draw a breath, we launch straight into the production our annual school play! This year involves every child in the school from Grade 1 to Grade 7.  A big thank you is extended to all the staff, children and parents who have worked extremely hard for the play to be such a success.

Whitestone Rugby and Girls Hockey Festival
More than fifteen schools took part in our Rugby and Hockey Festival on the 19th May which started off our sporting season.  The boys played their best and improved in each game that they played.

The Whitestone Festival marked the start of the season for our young and feisty team. The girls had a shaky start, but ended off the morning well. This was a promising sign of a resilient team who will not give up easily and I am very proud of the girls.

Petra Colts’ Rugby and Fillies’ Hockey Festival
Petra Colts Rugby Festival held on Saturday 19 May 2018. Well done Whitestone for winning the Festival and to Mario Gomes who won Player of the Tournament. Congratulations to all the Colts Boys – well done!

The Fillies Hockey matches are an exciting initiation for the girls as they play various schools with varying abilities at the beginning of the hockey season. The Fillies’ skills and stamina are put to the test and they learn to play as a team. With wins and losses under their ‘belt’, the Fillies gained enormous exposure, improved their game-plan and made new friendships along the way.

Springvale Festival
Our trip up to Mashonaland was a pleasant but tough one.  The 1st Teams struggled to come to grips with the pace at which the opposition played.  The Colts’ Rugby, however, having such a talented bunch of boys, accepted the challenge (posed to them) and rose to the occasion, showing that Whitestone is more than capable of competing with the best.  They walked away with the most attractive rugby award and Chase Lindley was the ‘best tackler’.

The Springvale festival is an exciting experience for the Fillies as they get to play schools from Mashonaland and also play hockey without a goal keeper or goalie kit. This is very challenging for our girls and despite their losses, the Fillies gained confidence and mental strength with each match and they did not give up.

Bryden Festival
The First Team Girls’ Hockey team traveled up to Bryden on the 30 June to participate in their annual hockey festival. It was a well organized  tournament and the girls played against some tough Mashonaland opposition. The standard of play by the girls was impressive, a vast improvement from the beginning of term. Although we narrowly lost all our matches, the girls played like absolute stars! The score were as follows: lost 1-0 vs Bryden, lost 1-0 vs Chispite, lost 1-0 vs Lomagundi and lost 2-0 vs Bryden.

The Boys 1st and Colts A and B are travelling to Bryden Boys Hockey Festival on Saturday 21 July. 2018.

Wildlife Club
The children from the Wild Life Club of Whitestone School have learnt about the trees in the school and with the help of Mr Dean Kendall, Mr James Varden and Mrs Rosenfels, have identified many trees in our school grounds.  Through kind donations from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association and Mr and Mrs Bhana, the trees have now been labelled with metal plaques.  We are very grateful to everyone who has helped in this wonderful initiative.

Creative Thinking Club
Critical and Creative thinking is an area to be encouraged in all schools.  Learning a specific skill doesn’t have the value in today’s world that it once did. Learning how to be more creative (and thus adaptable) is what prepares students for life beyond the classroom.  Schools and businesses throughout the world are latching onto this idea. Academia has started to embrace courses in creativity. Many of the biggest and most successful businesses in the world now practice the 20% rule – the commitment to allowing employees to devote 20% of their work time to thinking creatively and exploring new ideas. This club has achieved wonders in the short time that it has been operating and the children thrive on the tasks offered to them and their achievements

Comrades Marathon
Congratulations to two of our parents, Candice Love and Fiona Burns who took part and completed the Comrades Marathon in Natal recently. We are very proud of you Candice and Fiona.

Mini Netball Festival
This was the first festival of this kind where we had schools take part in U9 (Grade 3), U10 (Grade 4) and U11 (Fillies).

“Fabulous Frizzle’s Scientific Fiesta”
This term our school play is entitled “Fabulous Frizzle’s Scientific Fiesta” which as was said earlier, involves every child in the school from Grade 1 to Grade 7.  The teachers and children have worked very hard to put on this exciting play.  Well done and thank you for all your hard work.  Also a big thank you to all the parents who have helped in any way.

Matabeleland Rugby and Boys and Girls Hockey
Congratulations to the following children who have been chosen to represent Matabeleland in either rugby or hockey.  Well done to you all and we are very proud them.

Representing Matabeleland U13 Rugby
1-Vuyo Ngwenya
2-Ethan Schultz
3-Zane Sibanda
4-Nlisi Moyo
7-Nathaniel Hlabangana
9-Dylan Burton
10-James Thompson
16-Ryan Stevawo

Representing Matabeleland U13Hockey
Girls Hockey
Chante Querl
Tyla Lindley
Tadana Mkonto
Stephanie Rundle
Boys  Hockey
Ben Williams
Nathaniel Hlabangana
Garrick Duff

Special congratulations to Benjamin Williams and Stephanie Rundle who were selected as vice-captain for their teams.

At the Bulawayo Chess Association Winter Festival on Saturday 16 June, 4 children participated – Mikhail Hawa, Rahil Bhavan, Markos Tzircalle and Ciara Condon. The children have been ranked in the Over 9 section – 17th Rahil Bhavan, 18th Ciara Condon, 19th Markos Tzircalle and ranked 43rd is Mikhail Hawa. Well done to all the children who took part.

Soccer  Festivals at Carmel and St. Thoms Aquinas
Our Football Colts and Ist’s took part in the Carmel and Saint Thomas Aquinas festivals respectively.  Mario Gomes received an award for being the Most Promising Player whilst James Thompson received the Sportsmanship award.

Hellenic Orchestra and Choir
We were very privileged to listen to the Hellenic Orchestra and Choir perform for our school. Thank you Hellenic – it was an outstanding performance and enjoyed by all

News from Pre-Primary
ECD Department had a bike day. So much fun was had by all.

Next Tuesday, 24th July, they will be holding their event of the year “Soccer Tournament”.  This was supposed to take place on Wednesday 18th July but due to the very cold weather it was postponed.

ECD B Moonbeam class had their cultural day today, and where allowed to dress up in any Cultural or Religious dress

Rainbow ECD A have been learning about transport.  At playtime the girls from the Rainbow class decided to make their own ‘rock train’.

Whitestone Rugby 7’s Tournament
Whitestone School hosted the very first Rugby 7’s tournament in Matabeleland. Six schools participated: REPS, Masiyephambili, Petra, SOS, Victoria Falls and Whitestone. It was for the Colts teams (U10’s) and for the 1st teams (U12). A very high standard of rugby was played and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing to a large group of supporters. This will become an annual event much to the delight of everyone who participated.




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