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Merit Awards for the week ending 17 November 2017

Grade 3K
Princess Zulu for using speech marks correctly.
Jessie York for being focused and starting her work quickly.
Luke Coventry for trying hard with handwriting and dotting i!!!

Grade 4G
Reuel Rangarirai, Patrick Duff, Noma Nkala, Athinka Ktistakis and Mbalenhle Ndlovu for pleasing test results.

Grade 4F
Dakalo Mutavhatsindi for outstandig English test results.

Grade 5DB
Hannah Smit for helping the teachers.
James Thompson, Ruan Nel, Odinaka Onwuchukwu and Kayden Bhana for creating fantastic stories on Toontastic.

Grade 5DJ
Rowan Thomas, Hannah Godfrey, Nicole Kesson and Thapelo Mashayamombe for their enthusiastic completion of their glitter globes in Art.

Grade 5M
Neil Rosenfels for outstanding mathematics.
Calum King for good manners

Music Merits
Phoebe and Siza for learning their Speech Night solos so well.
Gemma, Ruvimbo, Lian, Connor, Erin and Hannah for consistently helping in the music department.

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