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Merits for the week ending 21 June 2018

Grade 1K
Mzwanele Makumbe for improved reading!
Alfred Muchara for trying hard in all his work!
Naya Ogbechi for great drawing skills!
Skyler Rose for finishing work on time!

Grade 1L
Rahim Abbasi for showing more enjoyment with his reading.
Ntando Ndlovu and Favour Anyanwu for an improvement in handwriting.

Grade 2T
Siqoko Mphoko for determination in number.
Ashton Drummond for good comprehension work.
Farai Mukuhlani for effort in oral time lessons – 1/4 to and 1/4 past

Grade 2W
Ngwazikazi Ngwenya for super work all week.
Joshua Armand for careful listening and hard work!
Grayson Smith for lovely reading this week.

Grade 3K
Miguel Murove for good maths homework.
Niel Jones for trying to improve his neatness.
Tinotenda Makoni for being more organised and focusing better.

Grade 3T
Mbalenhle Moyo for putting an extra effort into her written work.
Simphiwe Dube for doing his homework diligently.

Grade 5M
Ciara Condon for fantastic Social Studies.
Tinovimba Chirochierwa for effort in mathematics.

Grade 5DB
Daniel Oxden-Willows and Ryah Mason for a conscientious application in all subjects.

Grade 6R
Zane Sibanda for great language work.
Fanue Zvenyika for lovely R.E.
Emily Townshend, Markos Tzircalle, Ruan Nel and Ruvimbo Chizhande for good maths this week.

Grade 6N
To the whole class for a great play.  Well done!

English – Mrs Rundle
Grade 7M
Ben Williams for a consistently mature attitude to his work.
Grade 7NJ
Sarah Etheredge for always working hard and providing work of a high standard
Grade 7NE
Emmanuel Mukuhlani for excellent comprehension work

Ndebele – Mrs Mafa
Rachel Hlabangana (3K), Viwe Mkwananzi and Sigongile Mlalazi (3T) for full marks in the test given this week.

Ndbelele – Mr Mpofu
Colby Drummond (3T) for using new words correctly.
Logan Lumsden (3T) for always participating actively in class discussions.



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