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Speech Night 2018 Prize Winners



Rachel Hlabangana for maintaining a high standard of academic achievement in all areas throughout the year.

Jack Love for steady determination in all subjects, particularly in mathematics, coupled with extraordinary talent in Art.

Tavonga Msasanure for commendable achievement in mathematics, with an enquiring, thoughtful approach in all areas.

Lauren Smith for exemplary commitment and dedication in all areas of the curriculum, with particular interest in Science.


Adriana Bhana for maintaining a high standard of academic achievement in all areas throughout the year.

Owethu Nxumalo for his quiet determination and hard work to overcome obstacles and reach his goals.

Yiné Nel for a dedicated work ethic, resulting in excellent presentation and a pleasing academic standard throughout the year.

Kiera Schultz for her ever cheerful attitude and enquiring mind, with a commendable standard in Mathematics and Art.


Viwe Mkwananzi for outstanding application and academic achievement  in all areas of the curriculum.

Sibongile Mlalazi for determination to succeed in all areas of the curriculum and tremendous growth in self-confidence.

Colby Drummond for improved confidence and progress, especially in reading.

Logan Lumsden for a mature and helpful attitude towards his peers, consistent effort in all areas and for outstanding general knowledge.


Christine Lupepe for Intelligent application and academic achievement in all subjects.

Takudzwa Mukanya for outstanding achievement in Science and Mathematics.

Ngonidzashe Marima for excellent achievement in Mathematics and consistent effort and significant improvement in all subjects.

Nomathamsanqa Ndhlovu for exemplary work and excellent progress  across the curriculum.


Ciaran Knott for outstanding application and achievement in all subjects.

Natalie Garikayi for conscientious application in all areas of the curriculum.

Daniel Conolly for dedication and  perseverance in his studies.

Gabriella Mullin for diligent application and sound achievement in science.


Ivan Ndebele for responsible attitude and determination to succeed.

Jessica Lubbe for perseverance and progress.

Samuel Matabeya for quiet determination and perseverance.

Danielle Mwapaura for consistent effort and determination; giving of her best at all times.


Joshua Edwards for responsible attitude and determination to succeed .

Mwaitanyasha Mukudu for being a consistent and diligent learner who is determined to succeed in all aspects of his work.

Grace Murendo for being an exemplary pupil in her attitude and commitment, coupled with excellent work habits in all  areas of the curriculum.

Teak Watson for Improved confidence and determination in overcoming academic hurdles.


Ruvarashe Vusango for diligent application and sound progress in all her academic studies.

Athina Ktistakis for exemplary behaviour, unwavering attentiveness and outstanding application at all times.

Chase Lindley for a quiet determination displayed in a steady improvement in all subjects.

Joshua Engelbrecht for an outstanding response to the reading programme and attainment.


Carlos Kee-Tui for perseverance and determination to succeed.

Gabriel Marumahoko for consistent effort with a cheerful attitude in all subjects and pleasing achievement in Science.

Issabelle Louw for perseverance and increased confidence together with pleasing achievement in English.

Benjamin Burns For his quiet determination to succeed and consistent academic attainment in all subjects.


Ruvimbo Chizhande for a consistently high standard of academic achievement.

Connor Schmahl for creativity and excellence in narrative and poetry writing.

Stephanie Rundle for hard work, determination and the will to do her best in all areas of the curriculum.

Kayden Bhana for great improvement in his academics throughout the year.


Philippa McKechnie for a consistently high standard of academic achievement.

Ayize Mthethwa-Ikemefuna for determination to succeed in all areas of the curriculum and excellence in English.

Tate Lees for exemplary behaviour at all times and consistent effort in all  areas.

Onyenyechukwu Onovo for diligence, immaculate presentation and improvement in her academics this year.


Courtney Khumalo for a consistently high standard of academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum.

Ethan Fouche for outstanding improvement in his academics throughout the year.

Mbongeni Dube for consistent effort and achievement in all areas of the curriculum.

Neil Rosenfels for Outstanding application and determination in Mathematics.


Mikhail Hawa for diligence and consistently high academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum.

Ngonidzashe Tembo for a consistently high level of attainment in all subjects, coupled with maturity and good manners.

Benjamin Williams for mature, intelligent and conscientious application in all subjects.

Hayden Meyer Outstanding application and creativity in Written English.


Aaliyah Kara A cheerful and positive attitude, and conscientious work habits resulting in steady academic improvement throughout the year.

Dylan Pragji for immaculate presentation and consistent application in all subjects.

Sarah Etheredge for a consistently high standard of work in English and a natural flair for language and writing.

Bradley Wentzel for diligence, effort and a mature approach to all his work in English this year.


Tanya Claassen for improved self confidence and determination to succeed in all areas of the curriculum.

Joshua Blignaut for consistent effort and progress throughout the year in Written English.

Ethan Schultz for a cheerful, positive attitude and a consistently high academic standard in mathematics throughout the year.

Caitlyn Rugara for quiet determination and academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum.

Computer Prize

Mikhail Hawa for competence in the use of the database presentation software and his range of new  skills in IT.

Benjamin Williams for being an inquisitive learner who enjoys analysing situations and making new discoveries as well as  demonstrating great programming skills in IT.

Learning Support

Timude Dzwairo for conscientious application and steady progress.

Logan Osborne for an enthusiastic and enquiring approach to Learning Support.

Makenna French for a positive attitude in a subject which she  finds difficult this has resulted in pleasing progress being made.

Ndebele Prize

Ngonidzashe Tembo for consistent effort, hard work and determination to do his best in Ndebele.

Olivia Lunga for progress and achievement in Ndebele.

Music Prize

Sizalokuhle Mpofu for excellence in vocal and dramatic performance and dedication to all music activities.

Nathaniel Hlabangana for excellence in harmonics and a cheerful, positive commitment to the choir.

Imanathi Nkomo for outstanding vocal contribution and integrity in the choir.

Ruvarashe Kuzanga For outstanding vocal performance and commitment to the choir.

Art Prize

Dylan Pragji for outstanding creativity and use of colour.

Jessie Sparrow for her exceptional ability  to recycle creatively.

Mary-Ann Jacobsz for excellent detailed sketches with good perspective.

Lisa Rayner for her ability to creatively design three dimensional objects.


The Ndlovu Art Trophy : for the Most Promising Artist  – Vidal Bravo

The Waugh Shield : for the Most Outstanding Vocalist – Sizalokuhle Mpofu and Olivia Lunga

The Sarah-Kate Waugh Trophy for Instrumental Excellent: Arron-Michael Waugh

The Waugh Trophy : for outstanding work in harmonics : Emmanuel Mukuhlani & Nlisi Moyo

The Sparrow Smith Trophy : for the student who has demonstrated commitment and consistent diligence in achieving a high standard of Performance : Connor Schmahl

The Waddy Cup : for Excellence on a Musical Instrument : Bradley Dube

The Tzircalle Trophy : for Excellence in Mathematics : Mikhail Hawa

The Kelly Pettican Award : for Literary Excellence: Hayden Meyer

Academic Award: for Outstanding Academic Achievement : Mikhail Hawa

Venator : for The Best Senior All-Round Sportsman of the Year : Nathaniel Hlabangana

Venatrix : for The Best Senior All-Round Sportswoman of the Year : Tyla Lindley

Goakes Award: for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts : Vidal Bravo and Mikhail Hawa

Headmaster’s Prize : Dominic McKechnie

The de Beer Trophy : awarded to the Grade 6 Child who has shown love, concern and compassion towards fellow students.  “Where there is faith, hope and love, the greatest of these is love” : Stephanie Rundle

Citizenship Award: To the boy and girl who have shown love, caring and service for others, and for conscientiousness in all that they do.  Whatever each child finally does in life, these qualities will always be needed and highly valued.  This award is a pointer to every child to aim for, now and throughout their lives.

Citizenship Boy : Ngonidzashe Tembo

Citizenship Girl : Nadia Goremykin




Dux Boy : Mikhail Hawa

Dux Girl: Tyla Lindley

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