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Merit Awards for the week ending 26 January 2018

Grade 1K
Abdullah Abbasi for being sensible and hard working.
Patrick Blignaut for following instructions well.
Riya Bhika for always doing the right thing.
Bo Butcher for a high standard of work.

Grade 1L
Kevin Matunhire and Gugulethu Gapara for learning their reading words quickly.
Kayleigh Oliver for being caring towards others.
Tinashe Gotosa and Laken Hodgson for being happier about swmming.

Grade 1T
Bazibi Lukuta, Stella Friend, Tadiwa Matapura, Lexi Love, Ugochukwu Onwuchukwu, Ramaysa Jassat and Haymi Desai for learning the words for their first reading book.

Grade 2D
Carter Allberry, Jonty Anders and Michael Doolabh for very good effort.
Shane Winterboer, Lily Baker and Lonwabo Nkomo for good reading.

Grade 2T
Hannah Maseko for beautiful work in comprehension.
Leon Ndlovu for being so helpful.
Troy Sigauke for effort in all subjects.

Grade 2W
Joshua Armand for trying so hard.
Tinaye Mangezi for lovely reading.
Mufaro Chakanyuka for remembering the meaning of the word of the week.

Grade 3K
Amina Shahzad, Tiffany Smith and Miguel Murove for working quietly and giving of their best.

Grade 3S
Daluthando Mphoko for neat work this week and keeping up in class.
Gabriella Friend for a lovely story about a scary moment.
Owethu Nxumalo for lovely writing.

Grade 3T
Logan Lumsden, Ayden Ncube and Viwe Mkwananzi for beautiful number work.
Colby Drummond for gaining more confidence in doing his work.

Grade 4F
Christine Lupepe, Geraldine Matika and Mangomuhle Ngwenya for accurate maths.
Tiboke Ndlovu and Chloe Werrett for lovely handwriting.

Grade 4G
To the whole class for settling into Grade 4 and working positively.

Grade 4VW
Jessie York for trying hard in her work.
Daniel Nel for giving of his best.
Taropafadzwa Chirochierwa for trying hard to settle down quickly to do his work.

Grade 5M
Grace Murendo for fluent, expressive reading.
Tinovimba Chirochierwa and Shammah Chingonzoh for participation in class.
Tinotenda Gotosa for improved handwriting.

Grade 5DB
Joshaviah Chiza, Savanna and Liam Nel for much improved spelling test marks.
Mbalenhle Ndlovu for using much improved vocabulary.

Grade 6R
James Thompson for always producing neat work and getting 98% in the maths test.
Raya Noach for always being willing to contribute in class discussions.
Odinaka Onwuchukwu for getting 98% for the maths test.

Grade 6DC
Khaya Vimba for working hard in all his subjects this week.
Alana Amyot for reading 11 books so far this term.

Grade 6N
Ted Nyamapfeka for being more settled this week.
Aidan Osborne for showing determination and application this week.

Grade 7M
Ngonidzashe Tembo for great focus and neatly presented maths’ work.
Mikhail Hawa for excellent participation during lessons.

Ndebele – Mr Mpofu
Neil Jones (3K) and Logan Lumsden (3T) for working well this week.
Princess Zulu (4G) for good comprehension work.
Mondli Nkolomi (5M) for good work in language this week.
Hannah Godfrey (6DC) and Mikhail Hawa (7M) for good participation this week.
Aaminah Gaibi and Nikhil Dulaby (5M), Ruvimbo Chizhande and Kimberley Ncube (6R) and Ngonidzashe Tembo (7M) for good commitment and participation in class in Ndebele.
Rachel Hlabangana (3K), Sejal Ravala (4F), Nikita Dulabh and Baelyn Butcher (5M), Khaya Bimba (6DC) and Marbel Nyamhunga (7M) for good response to written and oral work in Ndebele this week.

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