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Merit Awards week ending 26 May 2017

Grade 1D
Cale Maingehama for a better attitude towards school work.
Beth Beckley for much improved reading.
Ruva Dzumbunu for always doing her best.

Grade 1L
Siqokqela Mphoko for participating more in class discussions.
Lexie Nesbitt for super reading.
Sinokubonga Moyo for lovely news writing.

Grade 1T
Tomas Condon, Nicole Kumalo, Carter Allbertty, Jonty Anders, Chelsea Craddock, Shane Winterboer, Naomi Pumfrey, Muzi Ndlovu and Tawonga Mazhude for good sums.

Grade 2T
Kyle Keefer for trying so hard in written number.
Simphiwe Dube for a lovely story.
Max Rosenfels for asking interesting questions.

Grade 2W
Gabriella Friend for always being sensible.
Ben Mutiba for lovely handwriting.
Nkateko Chauke-Lazaro for listening carefully in number work.
Owethu Nxumalo for steady, consistent effort.

Grade 3T
Jesse Crawford for a positive attitude towards his school work.
Luke Rosenfels for improved handwriting.

Grade 3K
Regina Zibowa and Daniel Conolly for a careful and sensible work ethic.
Chloe Werrett for improved attitude towards her work.
Thomas Anders for always giving of his best.

Grade 5DJ
Ammaarah Lambat for producing such lovely, detailed comments on her reading books.
Hannah Godfrey and Tyla Love for their enthusiastic response to our work on fairy tales.
Liam Smith for his excellent manners.

Grade 5M
Dylan Burton for super comprehension work this week.
Amber Rosenfels for helpfulness.

Grade 6N
Sizalokuhle Mpofu for neatly presented work.
Varaidzo Bere for her focus and determination to achieve.

Grade 6J
Faizaan Gaibi and Tadana Mkonto for super spelling.
Londani Nkiwane and Emily Stanton for being super helpers.

Ndebele – Mrs Mafa
Nicole Nyamapfeka 7M, Makanaka Nhamo 7NE and Kundiso Bere 7M for good Ndebele spellings.
Olivia Lunga 6N, Dylan Burton 5M, Neo Perkins 3K and Zinziile Gumpo 7NJ for good effort.

Ndebele – Mr Mpofu
Matthew Kendall 7M, Connar Cahill 7NJ and Sian Rheam 7NE for understanding the language work done this week.

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