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Shrike’s Call | October 2018

We are presently facing tough times in in terms of the economy and financial crisis that seemed to hit everyone by total surprise. The long fuel queues, scarcity of essential foods in shops and the constant battle of trying to deal with US dollars, Bond notes and RTGS or Eco Cash is stressful. One tends to wake up in the morning with anxiety not knowing what the day will bring. However, as said before so many times, Zimbabweans are a special kind of people. We are resilient and always seem to “Make a Plan” no matter what challenge is put before is. Our perseverance and innovation is the best in the world.Perhaps some credit for this outstanding ability to survive anything can be attributed to the sort of education that everyone received. The life skills and creative thinking was obviously acquired in the many educational areas that we were exposed to. Schools do offer much more than just pure academics.

Despite all the daily challenges, Whitestone School continues to thrive. To perhaps put things into perspective and to brighten your day, please join us in celebrating outstanding achievements from our children and from the school. Please be encouraged that Whitestone strives to provide sanity and stability in the trying times. Children need to be sheltered from the stress we find ourselves in and to find comfort and safety at the school. We thank you as parents most sincerely for supporting the School.

Grade 5DB

Logic problems were drop-boxed to the children’s iPads.  Using questioning, communicating and problem solving skills, the children were able to come to a correct logical conclusion. The school strives to develop critical thinking skills with the children as well as to ensure that these are applied to practical situations.

Pre-School Soccer Tournament
The Preschool held its annual soccer tournament despite the change in the school calendar. This year’s event was sponsored by The Warehouse who donated the individual “man of the match” medals and a lovely new trophy.  As always, it was a great day filled with much excitement and laughter.  The emphasis was on the participation of all the boys and girls in ECD B.   For the second year running, Whitestone managed a ‘World Cup’ effort and was able to secure the new trophy.  A wonderful day was had by all the children and the parents.

Centenary Inter-Schools’ Netball Festival
At the Centenary Inter-Schools’ Netball Festival, the 1st Team came 3rd.  Although the girls showed good netball skills and encouraging determination, it was their ability to play precise netball and display good sportsmanship which made their coaches proud.

Ciara Condon won the award for the Best Filly Defender. We are very proud of her achievement.  Congratulations!

Whitestone Cricket Festival
The festival was once again a huge success. This year we had Carmel host the Colts section at Whitestone and it turned out to be a very festive weekend of cricket.

On the Colts side we had both our A’s and B’s participating. The B’s were very impressive, coming second in their pool against some top sides and ending up 4th out of ten teams. The A’s topped their pool and then went on to win the Colts section. Both teams displayed excellent skills at cricket which included accurate and consistent bowling, patience and fantastic stroke work in the batting and determined fielding.

Whitestone1st team had some tough opposition in their pool but managed through determination and excellent teamwork to come top of the pool. We played Hellenic in a cracking final and won the tournament.  Well done to Dylan Burton for being the “Best Fielder” and Liam Mudenda for being the “Best Batsman” of the tournament.

Whitestone Rounders Festival
Whitestone School had two teams in both the Fillies and 1st Team games.  They played against Portland and the Petra.  The 1st Team also played against Musikili.

In the Fillies section, Whitestone A Team was dominant and won all their games.  They also managed to gain a bonus point against Portland for scoring ten rounders.  Portland, Petra and Whitestone B came out with the same number of points so they had to do a count back and count the individual rounders in each game, for their places.

1st with 10 points (25 rounders) Whitestone Fillies A
2nd with 3 points (22½rounders) Portland
3rd with 3 points (16½rounders) Petra
4th with 3 points (10½rounders) Whitestone Fillies B

In the 1st Team games, Whitestone’s 1st Team came second by winning their games against all the other teams except Portland. They gained two bonus points against Petra and one bonus point again Musikili and our 2nd Team.  It was most pleasing to see Whitestone 2nd Team gain confidence with each match they played.  In the 2nd Team, Shana Sibanda scored a total of fourteen and a half rounders and Ruvimbo Chizhande scored ten rounders. In the 1st Team games, Emily Stanton scored a total of ten and a half rounders and Tyla Lindley tenrounders.

It was a fabulous morning of rounders.  Congratultions to Portland for winning the 1st Team games and a big thank you to Musikili for accepting our invitation to play in the festival.

1st Team results were:
1st Portland 19 points
2nd Whitestone 1st Team 13 points
3rd Musikili 8 points
4th Petra 5 points
5th Whitestone 2nd Team 4 points

School Play
The end of last term saw the school’s annual drama production which this year was entitled “Fabulous Frizzle’s Scientific Fiesta”.  The entire school took part and it was indeed a ‘fabulous’ performance filled with laughter, music, dance and song.  Where these amazing ideas come from, never fails to amaze me and the talent that comes to light, is outstanding.

Much hard work and angst goes into producing these magical plays which is not always evident from the enjoyable performances we watch but it is thanks to everyone concerned that the Whitestone plays have become one of the highlights of the school calendar.

Matabeleland Tennis
Liam Mudenda was chosen to represent Matabeleland tennis in the recent Interprovincial Tennis trials that were held in Kwekwe from the 28th- 30th August. His U12 team were the runner ups in their category. The U12 team also took first place with the U14s to win the Dunlop Trophy.

Two classrooms are being built for the ECD section of the Pre-School which will be operational in January 2019.

Lilfordia Day/Night Cricket Festival
Traveling up to Lilfordia on the Friday, we had the opportunity of playing a 20/20 under lights and this was a great experience for most of the boys as they had never before played under lights. We had a lovely game against Lilfordia, where the bowlers were tops on the night.

In the actual festival on Saturday our boys played some outstanding cricket and came second in their pool behind St John’s. We played Ruzawi in the 3rd/4th playoff in a thrilling encounter. We came 4th overall out of eight schools.

We would like to congratulate Nathaniel Hlabangana for being awarded the “Best Catch of the Day”.

Tree and Rose Bush Planting Ceremony
When our boys score a century or more, it is a tradition to plant a tree. Many of our trees around the fields have been planted in years gone by, by past pupils scoring 100 runs or more.

Well done to:

  • Liam Mudenda in Grade 6. He made101 runs in 78 balls against Victoria Falls for the 1st XI Cricket Team.
  • Garrick Duff who made 101 runs not out after facing 59 balls against St. Thomas   Garrick hit twelve 4’s and four 6’s.
  • Zach Gover made 121 runs not out in 60 balls taking 103 minutes to do so. He hit 16 4’s and 6 6’s with a strike rate of 201.7. This was in a second team game against Emakandeni.

The tradition of planting a rose bush for the girls is to recognise the girl’s achievement, at an inter-school level  for rounders and netball.

Well done to Ciara Condon who planted a pink rose bush in honour of her winning “The Best Filly Netball Defender” at the Masiyephambili Inter-School Netball Festival.

Ciara Condon planting her Rose Bush

Garrick Duff planting his century tree

Zach Gover planting his tree for his Century

Colts Cricket Tour to RSA
The Colts Cricket Team has just returned from tour of Pietermaritzburg and Durban in South Africa, where they also took part in the annual “Notties T20 Festival” hosted by Clifton School, Nottingham Road.  The boys had the opportunity to play against some of the top young cricketers of their age from Johannesburg, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.  The boys had matches with Winston Park (lost), Chelsea (lost), Bealieu(won), Merchiston (lost), Saint Charles (won), Clifton Durban (lost) and Clifton Notties (won).  All the matches played were closely contested nail biters with a lot of lessons learnt.

Adventure into Learning
Studying the topography of our country.  Grade 5.

Matabeleland Cricket
Congratulations to Nathaniel Hlabangana ,Garrick Duff ,Benjamin Williams, Liam Mundenda ,Bradley Wentzel  and Travis Pettican who have been selected to play for Matabeleland in the Inter-Provincial at Lilfordia on the 9th and 10th November, 2018.  Well done boys and good luck!

Public  Speaking
The Annual Public Speaking Competition took place on the 18 October 2018. This was the first time we had invited all the Grade 5,6 and 7 children to be a part of the audience. There were 7 speakers and the quality of the speeches was fantastic! Well done to ALL who took part, we are very proud of you. The final positions were –

1st place – Alistair Middleton
2nd place – Kian Hawa
3rd place – Jessie Sparrow










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