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Merit Awards Week Ending 22 October 2021

Grade 4G

Chayse Davids and Acacia Watson for excellent mathematics test results.

Grade 4J

Ben Jones for doing very well with time.

Bukata Chitambala for trying hard in all areas of the curriculum.

Langa Mangezi for doing very well with her timetables.

Akira Wilke for beautiful artwork.

Grade 4vW

Kevin Matunhire for lovely drawing in his Social Studies.

Natalie Manyema for neat presentation of work.

Mathias Macheka for making an effort to keep his desk tidy.

Ashton Stanley for working hard to neaten his handwriting.

Grade 5M

Abigail Alupo for excellent mathematics this week.

Cale Maingehama for good effort in writing a fable.

Grade 7R

Ellie Rheam for diligence and practical thinking.

Teagan Muller for always being focused on her work.

Grade 7N

Princess Zulu for always participating in class discussion and giving well-reasoned out answers.

Jayden Weale for improved presentation of work.

Grade 7DC

Jodie-Lee Swain for working well throughout the week.

Jessica Lubbe for displaying a good work ethic.

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