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Merits for the week ending 29 June 2018

Grade 3K
Huzaifa Karbanee, Nandipa Hlatini, Bradley Mleya and Tiffany Smith for steady work all term.

Grade 3S
Yine Nel for beautifully presented content books.
Ben Mutiba for improved comprehension answers.
Fred Moyo and Courage Chivanga for much improved writing.

Grade 3T
Logan Lumsden, Luke Middleton, Max Rosenfels and Colby Drummond for being very knowledgeable about soil erosion and its effect in the environment.  Well done boys!

Grade 5M
Mwaita Mukudu for a fantastic science test results.
Mondli Nkolomi for enthusiasm in art.

Grade 5DB
Joshua Engelbrecht, Ryah Mason, Noma Nkala and Tawana Tavengwa for working well in a group situation.

Grade 5J
Linda Ndlovu and Noelle Pumfrey for always doing their best.

Grade 6R
Kayden Bhana for always producing neat work.
Jonothan Stephens and Ruan Nel for a lovely science experiment.

Grade 6N
Aidan Osborne and Dylan Burton for being focused and sensible with their work.

Grade 7NE
Faizaan Gaibi, Ethan Schultz, Nadia Goremykin, Tadana Mkonto and Londani Nkiwane for excellent bonds and tables.
Emmanuel Mukuhlani, Nicole Drummopnd, Caitlyn Rugara and Tanya Claassen for good mental test results.

Shayna Middleton (4F) for good reading.
Tayana hlabangana (3T) for effort in reading.
Neo Perkins (4F) for excellent spelling.

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