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Whitestone Hockey vs Centenary | 27 and 28 June 2018

Boys 1st Team
Whitestone won 1 – 0  Better play from the boys but we need to convert the chances we get.

Colts A Team
Whitestone won 5 – 0  Great team work and a superb four goals from Mondli Nkolomi.  Well done boys!

Grade 3A Boys Team
Whitestone lost 1 – 0  Very good positional hockey was played!  Now we need to work on scoring skills as you missed a number of goals. Remember to stop the ball before passing.

Girls 1st Team
Whitestone won 2 – 0  Well done girls!

Fillies A Team
Whitestone won 6 – 0  Well done girls – you played like stars!

Grade 3A Girls Team
Whitestone won 2 – 0  The girls are becoming more confident in their own ability and holding their positions well.  Well done girls!

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