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Whitestone Cricket vs Petra | 25 January 2017

1st Team
Whitestone were 104 for 9 wickets while Petra were 93 all out.  Whitestone won by 11 runs.  Well done to the boys for defending a low total and keeping the spirits high.
2nd Team
Whitestone won by 10 wickets.  Well done to Dominic who scored 19 not our and Nathaniel’s 23 not out.  a good start of the season boys!!
3rd Team
Whitestone were 80 for 5wickets while Petra were 61 all out.  Whitestone won by 19 runs.  Well done to Chibu Nzewi for taking 5 wickets for 18 runs.

Colts A
Whitestone were 116 for 1 while Petra were 20 all out.  Well done to Ruan Nel for his 23 runs not out and Liam Mudenda for his 39 runs not out.  To Dylan Burton for his 4 wickets for 6 runs and Darren Ncube’s 1 wicket for 0 runs
Colts B
Whitestone were 83 for 5 while Petra were 43 for 7.  Whitestone won by 40 runs.  Well done boys!

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