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Merit Awards week ending 31 January 2020

Grade 1K

Laura Mlangeni for settling down to work quickly.

Monalisa Sibanda for a quiet and sensible demeanor and good work.

Roneiwa Mutavhatsindi for concentrating on her work.

Grade 1T

Harriet Allberry, Brooklyn Graham, Jerome Jana and Sean Nyamhunga for learning their words.

Grade 2D

Raymond Munyaka for working hard.

Gabriella Mpala for a very good attitude.

Mohammad Shahzad for neat, tidy work and good reading.

Grade 2T

Ephraim Moyo for neat work.

Sakina Evans for good work in language and comprehension.

Lwandisiwe Mapuma for being helpful and sensible.

Grade 2W

Tinashe Togara for trying hard.

Zintle Ndlovu for beautiful handwriting.

Lubalethu Nxumalo for good work all the time.

Tesha Ravala for lovely reading.

Grade 3E

Lexi Love for working quickly, quietly and neatly this week.

Muaaz Gaibi for concentrating hard and working faster.

Langa Mangezi for good manners and neat work.

Grade 3S

Akira Wilke for lovely writing with flicks.

Bo Butcher for good illustrations in content books.

Brock Leesmay for working more quietly this week.

Grade 4K

Shane Winterboer for an imaginative story.

Kelsey Mayers and Makanaka Garamumhango for settling well.

Grade 4vW

Lily Baker for being helpful in class.

Emmanuel Gwanyanya for working quietly.

Grade 5S

Yine Nel for a lovely project on the skeleton.

Liam Duff for lovely manners.

Grade 5N

Logan Lumsden, Taylah Enslin, Ross Schmahl, Tiffany Smith for good biography research.

Jasmine Bean for good number work.

Grade 5M

Deborah Gwanyanya for excellent work in R.M.E.

Nkateko Chauke-Lazaro for enthusiasm in poetry.

Grade 6H

Tiboke Ndlovu for good language work.

Takunda Tavengwa for accurate work in mathematics.

Grade 6G

Jordyn Dinhidza for excellent problem solving work.

Michaela Drummond for working efficiently and effectively this week.

Grade 6T

Samuel Matabeya for consistent effort.

Andile Kopotsha for good mathematics.

Danielle Mwapaura for working and quietly.

Grade 7DC

Patrick Duff for determination to write and keep up with all his work after his shoulder operation.

Nicholas Roukounis, Ethan Chivaura and Tinovimba Chirochierwa for accurate mathematics.


Rachel Hlabangana, Viwe Mkwananzi, Praise Nhliziyo, Sibongile Mlalazi and Mbalenhle Sibanda for reading fluently with expression and correct intonation.

Tyrese Kufahakutizwi for learning new vocabulary.

John-Ross Jacobsz for good vocabulary recollection.

Nomathamsanqa Nkala for expressing ideas clearly and correctly.

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