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Merit Awards week ending 31 May 2019

Grade 3K

J Wes Jared for beautiful presentation of maths work.

Tinaye Mangezi for good effort with joining his handwriting.

Grade 3S

Thabo Runyowa for determination and dedication to learn the piano.

Naomi Pumfrey for improving her handwriting.

Buhle Mpofu for good divide sums with remainders.

Grade 3T

Curtis Nyamapfeka for trying to join his letters.

Sadie Sparks for improved spelling.

Leon Ndlovu for a positive attitude towards his work.

Grade 4G

Adriana Bhana for a descriptive story.

Jack Love for lovely art.

Tavonga Msasanure for good weekly test results.

Grade 4F

Ben Mutiba for good addition of decimals.

Thomani Mutavhatsindi for an improved standard of work.

Grade 5dB

Daniel Stephens for better mental maths results.

Grade 5M

Luke Coventry for a positive attitude in all subjects.

Jordyn Dinhidza for improved spelling.

Grade 5S

Princess Chida for a better standard of work this term.

Andile Kopotsha for working well in class.

Grade 6N

Mondli Nkolomi for improved presentation of work.

Tinovimba Chirochierwa for showing determination in all areas.

Grade 6dC

Daniel Oxden-Willows for pleasing mathematics work.

Nomathamsanqa Nkala for working quietly to the best of her ability.

Grade 6G

Anri Burnett for magnificent work presentation in Agriculture.

Trymore Chemhere for beautiful handwriting this week.

Grade 7Ro

Hannah Godfrey for moving on to Card B in 3 Minute Maths.

Tanyaradzwa Chakanyuka for excellent General Paper exercise.

Mukudzei Mukudu for good effort in mathematics this week.

Grade 7T

Raya Noach for an excellent Art chameleon.


Max Rosenfels for using his office tools effectively.

Chloe Werrett for excellent work in E-learner and Microsoft.


Michael Doolabh for reading enthusiastically during lessons.

Adriana Bhana for reading high frequency words.

Jessie York for improved vocabulary retention.

Neil Rosenfels for showing increased confidence in oral language.

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