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General Information on Admissions

The Headmaster completes his enrollment exercise during the June / July preceding the year of entry. All parents desiring to enroll their child in Whitestone must complete an application form and submit it, together with the required documentation to the school secretary.  Successful candidates will then be required to write an entrance exam to ascertain whether the applicant has achieved the minimum standard for admission to a particular grade. The results of this examination do not necessarily exclude children with learning problems.

In the case of entry into Grade 1 a “readiness” test is administered. Children who are not within 9 months of the average age of the class for which the application has been made will not be considered.


  • Grade 0  – The year in which the child turns 5
  • Grade 1 – The year in which the child turns 6
  • Grade 2 – The year in which the child turns 7
  • Grade 3  – The year in which the child turns 8
  • Grade 4  – The year in which the child turns 9
  • Grade 5 – The year in which the child turns 10
  • Grade 6  – The year in which the child turns 11
  • Grade 7 – The year in which the child turns 12

Admission Procedures

  1. Download ‘Admission Form
  2. Complete form and submit by hand along with all necessary documentation (see below) to the Secretary at Whitestone School.
  3. A registration fee of $10 will be charged.
  4. Upon submission your application will be processed and placed on the ‘waiting list’ database.
  5. If your application is successful, the Headmaster/Admissions Secretary will contact you timeously with a letter of acceptance. You will be asked for a Letter of Transfer from your child’s current school if this application is accepted.
  6. Thereafter, upon payment of a non refundable Desk Fee, your place will be secured.

Necessary Documentation

Grades 0 to 7

  • Completed Application Form
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
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Admission Downloads

Whitestone Admissions Form