Art Room

The dedicated Art Room is well stocked with all the materials that children will need for Art and Craft lessons.


Whitestone is a main line Christian school. Twice weekly chapel services are held for the students and on Sunday chapel services are held for the local community. The School Chaplain is available for consultation, counseling and advice on spiritual matters.


The school has twenty three dedicated spacious classrooms, all fitted with e-boards and whiteboards, thus doing away with time honoured chalk dust! The pre-primary school has three well appointed classrooms and a large utility room. The school is situated separately from the main school block with its own secure playground containing swings, slides, climbing frames, sand pits and lawned areas under beautiful shade trees. Pre-primary students have a basic school uniform and are considered part of Whitestone Primary. They have full use of all school facilities including the music centre, the school hall and the swimming pool. The Infants Block, whilst part of the main school, has its own playground area with a variety of playground apparatus which encourages the children to play and explore their physical strength and co-ordination.

Computer Room

The Computer laboratory contains enough computers for each child in a class and is used to teach and learn computer skills so necessary in today’s I.T. world. In addition, iPads are slowly being introduced as learning aids throughout the school. The pre-primary and remedial departments have already introduced these devices in the classroom.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall serves a delicious two course lunch Monday to Thursday. Children staying for afternoon activities purchase meal tickets for lunch. For those who prefer a lighter, healthy meal, this can be purchased from the school Tuck Shop. Although we are no longer a boarding school, the hostel is still a busy place with visiting schools playing sport in Bulawayo using it on a weekly basis.


The school has a well stocked library with a computerized access system which individually records every child’s library usage history. The record of usage is made available to parents once a term together with school reports.

Music Centre

This beautiful facility comprising a large choir and musical movement room with four instrument practice rooms is a vibrant and much enjoyed part of the school.


The school has a fine Sanatorium staffed by the school S.R.N. She will deal with the day to day medical needs of the children.

School Hall

The large and well appointed Fleming Hall is another hub of activity used constantly both during the academic day and for the many functions hosted by the school each term.