Whitestone is an Independent School that was established in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1942. Located on 28 hectares of attractive granite kopje countryside in the southern suburb of Burnside, the school site is rich in a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna and offers endless opportunity for exploration and study.

A blend of rocky outcrop and mixed woodlands together with well appointed sports fields makes it a playground paradise for children.

We are truly proud of the enviable standards of education we have established over the many years of our existence. As you browse through this site, we are sure that you will become convinced that Whitestone will be your primary school of choice in Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

To develop well-rounded and creative individuals of all abilities in a safe and happy environment. We value, adopt, and teach all behaviour which upholds the highest ethics led by our Christian principles.

Our Values

At Whitestone, we value integrity, always striving to do the right thing no matter the circumstances. We believe in embracing kindness by respecting and celebrating diversity in all forms. Creativity is at the core of our values, fostering innovation and growth for the betterment of our community. Our commitment to teamwork is reflected in our loyalty, cooperation, collaboration, and unwavering support for one another. Together, we embody these principles to create a harmonious and thriving environment for all.

Social Updates