The purpose of the school is to provide an enjoyable and successful learning environment, in order to produce well adjusted, creative individuals who fulfill their potential, are prepared for life and will contribute meaningfully to society. Whitestone School follows the Cambridge International Schools’ syllabus and the syllabus set out by the Zimbabawe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. These syllabi combined with specialist teachers in the I.T., Music, Adventure Into Learning, P.E. and Ndebele Departments allow each child to grow into an individual who has been exposed to a wide range of educational, social and character building skills.

Supportive Education

Children who need support in mathematics and English, particularly with reading and spelling, will visit the Learning Support Department in small groups, for short periods of intensive tuition, during the week on a regular basis.

Our highly motivated and qualified teachers assist each child to develop their own unique strength of character to become a confident member of the global community within the discipline of the academic curriculum.