Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of children, fostering their physical, social and emotional health. Whitestone School offers a full and diverse range of sport to suit all abilities and interests.

Our sport is carefully tailored to each age group, focused on enjoyment and integrating activity as part of health and well-being. Whitestone School is known for high levels of sporting achievement and we do provide an environment for children to excel. Many of our children go on to represent provincial and national teams. However, the foundation of our ethos is to provide every learner with the opportunity to fulfil his or her sporting aspirations at whatever level.
Afternoon activities take place between 2.00pm. and 5.00pm. from Monday to Thursday. On days when Grades 3 to 7 children stay at school, lunch is available in the dining hall. Grade 1 & 2 children attend afternoon activities once a week but do not stay for lunch.

In order to give pupils an opportunity to pursue their varied personal interests, Friday afternoons are kept free of school activities. Many children attend private music, riding or sailing lessons at this time.